Saturday, April 28, 2007

Green Aprons and Espresso...

I was torn between the title as I wanted it to read, MY NEW SECOND HOME... but instead went with Green Aprons and Espresso. I bet it won't take much for you to answer this question...


Yup. You got it. STARBUCKS. I am a Barista. Yuppers. Can you believe it? I bet there are more of you out there that CAN believe it than can't. Sheesh... I drink the stuff enough.

And clearly it was an economical choice as they give me a free drink of choice before work, on each break, and after work daily. NICE. Surely that meets my "fix" for caffeine.

Not to mention the free pound of coffee they give me weekly to brew at home... the discount they offer am I to purchase coffee away from my home store... and mostly... the higher hourly salary (than Gap), the tips, and the prospect for management. AGAIN... NICE.

I'm excited about this new venture. It has been great thus far. I'm learning quickly and have even had a chance to run the bar without assistance. (Though- assistance wasn't far were I to have needed it.)

I remain employed at the Gap... I can't bring myself to quit. I love the people at my store. Have kinships with quite a few of them and would hate leaving. I know, I know... I could easily quit... it's not like I wouldn't be allowed to visit/hang out with them whenever I wanted. BUT, I know I would be too busy to see them all if I didn't HAVE to be there to work. So, as of right now, I still work there every Sunday. I'm sure it's only a matter of time before Gap goes to the wayside. I carry 20 hours currently at Starbucks weekly and then 8 at Gap... 30 hours (+travel time) away from my family and 80 away from Paul and he works 5 days a week at the bank. UGH.

Anyway- I knew you'd all want to know about this new season in my life of green aprons and espresso :) If you're ever in town (as most of you read this blog from a distance) your drink's on me.


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