Friday, April 20, 2007


Alright all you list makers out there.... How many of you have a To-Do list longer than the oak tree in your back yard right now?? For the past three days I have been adding things to my To-Do list like the list was going to be completed by well, SOMEONE ELSE.

Here's the reality- today is said to be 69 degrees. Tomorrow, 73 degrees and Sunday (which sadly is not applicable to me as I have church from 11-1 and then work from 2-11...) but for all those who won't be kept indoors- also 73 degrees. NICE.

All this to say that I have a SUPER LIST ready to be accomplished in this amazing weather that makes me open every window in my house and provokes me to domestic action.

On said list are these types of activities...

Trax Farms: Resident organic vegetable, eggs and deli meat sellers. (Resident pick pocket-ers.)

Laundry: wash in basement, dry in back yard (for that new car smell... I mean, fresh field smell.)

Flowerbeds: Out with the old, in with the new... (Note to self- don't tear out purple weed looking things that mom planted two years ago that actually become BEAUTIFUL large white and purple flowers if left alone.)

Steam Clean Van Upholstery: I'm getting the green machine out folks... (our van's gonna have that fresh field smell... I mean, that new car smell. I better focus here. )

And of course, the unpleasant but always necessary: grocery shopping, laundry folding, bathroom floor cleaning and curriculum instruction.

BUT come the end of tomorrow... when my SUPER LIST becomes a "somewhat list"... (as in "somewhat done") and is now more the size of my Day Lilly than it is my Oak Tree... WELL... my scrambling for two days will have all been worth it.

I know I'm not alone here. Many of you are list makers, motivated to action by nice weather, and my favorite... planters- of gardens (both vegetables and flowers.)

And take some time for fresh unsweetened Sun Tea.

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