Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Blogworthy? You decide!

Here's the deal. We live in a home that has original hard wood floors and the original hardwood stained window trim and floor boards. I'M BORED. I hate it. I will confess... it was a selling point for me initially... but now I hate it. I want WHITE. I want clean. I want carpet. But, well, since this is a small home that we've outgrown and since we don't want to put anymore into the home... carpet is not an option.

White trim however... MAYBE.

But, here's the question. What do I do with the floors if I want white trim all throughout the home? Currently they are stained a reddish brown. (They came that way when we bought the house.) Can't do a white trim when the floors are reddish brown can I?

ALL you interior decorators out there need to get some info posted here for me. I really could use a sprucing up of our interior.



Michelle said...

As long as you are asking for advise, Here you go.
If I were living in your house and knowing that I in going to sell at some point, I would not paint wood.
All the charm of the old homes in Clairton are the orginal woodwork. When I walk into an old home and see painted floors, doors, or baseboards, it makes me sad. I LOVE ORGINAL CHARM!!!
And you know that I love to paint and love to change things.
You can brighten the room by painting the walls ligher, using white accent pieces, changing the drapery or getting an inexpensive area rug.
Another thing I have been seeing around is painting the old china cabinets white. Yours would look beautiful like that.
But for resale value. NEVER PAINT ORIGINAL WOOD.
Just my opinion, you asked for it.
Love ya...if you need help decorating, you know I love it

Chelle' said...


Chelle' said...

It is a yearly thing that I go through... the desire to paint the window trim and baseboards... it hit me a week ago and I have been teetering with the idea. Of course, everytime I get close enough to REALLY do something the practicality of the BIG JOB that faces me sets in and I give in.

I really WANT TO PAINT though.

Marci said...

I agree with your friend Michelle. Just paint the walls. (I'm going at this sight unseen). Add a rug, pillow, drapery, whatever, but don't paint the wood.

Tara said...

I agree with Michelle. I think sometimes you just want a change. We had white trim with hardwood floors in M'ville (similar to what you've described although I've never seen your home--hint, hint, post some pics!!!). And while I think it looked fine, some of our neighbors in some of the nice old houses had original woodwork/stained trim and it looked SO good. I just loved it. I say don't paint.