Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I'm convinced.

Thanks to all of you who chimed in regarding my need for a change in our interior design. (Most of you by phone none the less. ) I will not lie... I have limited capabilities when it comes to decor. I can scrapbook... and have great taste when it comes to clothing (especially for my daughter and for all the cute skinny kids that come into the Gap shopping for outfits.) I have trendy down to a T. HOWEVER... interior decor... NOT A CAPABILITY of mine. I want certain things but don't know how to get them in my home. Accessories, colors etc. Not sure how to work with what I have to make it all happen.

Well, against almost all recommendations... I'm convinced of the white trim. A few details I neglected to share. One- there are a few window casings that have water damage and need to be sanded down if not replaced altogether. This would mean finding the exact wood/stain as used oh say 80 years ago when the house was built. Ummm- not going to happen. Second, the original hardwood floors... weren't originally stained ALL OVER. Apparently it was customary to only stain the floor where a carpet WOULDN'T be. NICE. So we have had our carpets over where their carpets were when we bought the house. We should just refinish them but, well, we don't want to.

And so, a quick fix for it all... and a satisfaction beyond belief for me... is to paint the casings and floorboards... and maybe do this to the floor. (Oh, and my Dining room will end up looking like this.)

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Michelle said...

Go for it!!!!