Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Car Woes...

In the last month... BOTH of our vehicles have been in accidents AND the van has an overwhelming MOLD problem.

Here's the thing... NO ONE was in EITHER vehicle when they were in accidents. The van was parked in a friends driveway and was backed into... Whoops. And the Saturn was parked in front of our home and was sideswiped... a hit and run. (Thankfully while we were waiting for the police to arrive for a report... the person that hit the car came back.)

And the mold??? Not sure how that happened except that it did happen and now there is black mold. Anyone who knows me and my new outlook on health since the Lyme knows that I don't tolerate toxins. Especially ones like these that can be remediated. And so the process began 2 weeks ago with steam cleaning and disinfecting and the sort. I thought I had it clean but as soon as I shut the van door in 80 degree weather... IT ALL CAME BACK.

By yesterday, even Paul agreed that the carpet needed to be yanked. I made some calls. Dealer, Detailer, Remediation place... to find that mold can't be cleaned. It requires removal and replacement. The dealer said the new carpet is $1200.00. TWELVE HUNDRED U.S. DOLLARS!!! (I verified the carpet was for my van... I thought for sure they were quoting the lower level of my home...)

Anyhoo... when we found out how much we were in for I asked Paul if insurance would cover any of it. He wasn't sure so I called.

LOW AND BEHOLD.... Good Ole' Liberty Mutual said that mold falls under the category comprehensive coverage... with a $100 deductible.

Let me get this right- I put out ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS (the cost to install the carpet...) and insurance covers the rest?? The new carpet, the padding, the new air filters, the process of cleaning the air ducts??? What!!???

And so again,
my little life declares the FAITHFULNESS of God.

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