Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Rob Lowe on GMA...

I turned on GMA this morning to hear Robe Lowe being interviewed by Diane Sawyer. It was the best entertainment interview I've seen in a long time. (Despite the fact that it was 2 minutes in length.)

First Diane commented on the fact that he's been married for 16 years. In Hollywood, they've technically just hit their "Golden Anniversary" haven't they? I love when ANYONE in the entertainment industry remains loyal, faithful and clearly married to their spouse. That's speaks volumes to character.

Furthermore, and for me... more importantly, Diane asked him if he ever expected to be where he is today and he said,

"I guess the best answer I have is like that old cleche'...
If you want to make God laugh... tell him YOUR PLANS. I would have sold myself short if I would have gotten what I'd wanted. "

Holy Cow. What great information for my morning. How many of us are telling God OUR plans? And what if all we get from God is what we've planned?? Would we be selling ourselves short?

I fully believe the answer is yes. Paul made a point to mention a few months back that he wanted to start each day by asking God what HIS will for the day was, where HE was working and how Paul could work with Him to accomplish His will daily. Clearly Paul understands that it's not about Paul's plans or selling Himself short- it's about God's plans and God's ability and desire to give us more than we can imagine or desire.

And so- this morning, ROB LOWE (of all people) reminded me that GOD is my everything and I desire nothing more than to submit to His will for my today and everyday because I know that He will provide for me in better ways than I ever could for myself.

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Michelle said...

I watched him this morning on GMA also. I, too, was surprized by his comment. It really is life changing!
Praise God for always finding ways to keep our eyes on Him!
Love Ya