Monday, May 14, 2007

Mom was RIGHT.

It's funny... for years Mom said, "I don't want any gifts for ____________ (insert holiday here) just make me a card." I NEVER believed her. I always felt like it wasn't enough. Like she was sacrificing a real gift that she wanted but knew I had no means of getting, for some cheesy paper she'd toss a few days after I forgot I gave it to her.

But FINALLY, after 8 years of being a mother... I understand EXACTLY what she was saying... and she was RIGHT. (Go ahead Mom... revel in my words... YOU WERE RIGHT.)

For Mother's Day yesterday I awoke to the pitter-patter of little feet scurrying about in their bedroom. Paul was nowhere to be found so I knew he was assembling the masses on my behalf. I didn't know what they were doing but I knew it was for me. Instantly, my heart was bubbling over. Just the fact that Paul had everyone in motion for me was overwhelming.

I didn't know if they were wrapping little presents, signing Hallmark cards, or well, playing to give me the chance to "sleep in". But whatever it was, because Paul was with them, it was a gift in itself.

An HOUR later, after I heard the blow dryer in their bedroom (what??), the children surfaced in the dining room. I was on the computer composing my "Ode to Mothers" blog and I heard them coming down the steps saying, "Don't Look. Don't Look."

Finally, in chorus, they all said- "HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY" as they held up 12x12 pictures they'd created for me. They used stickers, glitter glue, and markers. The cards were both BEAUTIFUL and HEARTWARMING.

I realized in that moment that Mom wasn't sacrificial when she said she didn't want a present at all. If anything she was probably a bit selfish. It's AMAZING to receive a card made from a child for a holiday. Especially one like Mother's Day.

It is MUCH better than anything they could have selected, purchased, found, or signed sold at any retail store, flea market, or friend's mother's house. (I bought my mom many a dollar store item as well as brought home many a "gift" a friend's mom gave me to give to my mom... sidenote- what a scam that friend's mom had going, regifting crappy gifts to me and my mom so she didn't have to feel guilty throwing them away... NICE.)

Anyway, I LOVED MOTHER'S DAY. It was the BEST holiday I've personally had in a LONG LONG time. I've decided it's more fun to receive than to give... but only when one's receiving a homemade card like the ones I got yesterday.

Oh and by the way, after the cards, and church (where the kids came out of service with decorated wave petunias and a picture frame with home made art in it).... they asked me to concrete in the swing set and dig out the grass around it for the rubber mulch. LONG day... but the intermittent unexpected "Happy Mother's Day"s throughout the day made it the most amazing Sunday ever.

Yes, the support posts went up, the concrete went in and part of the grass was yanked. Today more grass will be pulled, the mulch will be laid, and
the children will smile.

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