Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Church with a friend

Almost 7 years ago I was walking around our block when I saw a girl with her 10 month old son sitting in her front yard. I walked over and we talked about Ben, her son, and about the fact that that conversation was not going to be our last. We started getting together everyday... scrapbooking, talking, cooking out. We became good friends.

She was the first person I told of my pregnancy with Beetle... and the first person I told of my pregnancy with K-girl. (Thankfully she BELIEVED me about K-girl's pregnancy because it took Paul a month to catch on... :)

Here's my point about my friend Michelle... we have been friends a LOOOONG time, so why was tonight the FIRST time we attended the same church service? I went to her church tonight because I got called into work this Sunday at Starbucks. Knowing I can't make church this weekend is disconcerting so I tug along with Michelle. It was the first time we had been in the same room for worship, prayer, and a message. WHAT'S UP WITH THAT?

I take for granted the fact that my other good friends, Stacy, Kelly, Kris, Deb... we all go to the same church. We all worship together... and pray for one another. And what a blessing it is. What a depth it adds to our friendships. And here, one of my best friends... Michelle... and I have never had this opportunity.

I am contemplating going to church with my in-laws, my parents, my friends... I loved my experience of God at Michelle's church... with Michelle's church home. It was a fresh perspective, and it was an encouragement to me.

Thanks friend for taking me to your church. For inviting me into your time with the Lord. For sharing your friends with me (Hi to Courtney and Rachel... Rach- sure hope you finish that cookie order and that you are refreshed and restored and relieved of any back pain you have. ) Thanks for treating me like I've always been a part of that church body... and for introducing me to the pastoral staff and their families. I really enjoyed being a part of your life with God.

Love ya friend.


Michelle said...

AAWW Chele',
I am so happy that you enjoyed our Church. I never knew what it was like to actually have a "Church Family" till now. I am in love with my Church and the people there.
Wednesday night Prayer service is a great time. We can get together and spend time in prayer and worship to God.
Next week we can take the kids and they too can have fun together.
Like the old day of waiting for your blinds to open before I came knocking on the door. Saying, Whats for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Love ya friend....And remember no matter where we live, you will always be the person that God gave me. My answer to prayer.

Rachel said...

Chele' - I am so glad you came to visit us last night. I hope you come back again on a Wednesday night. It is so awesome to see God answering our prayers and to feel His presence with us on a Wednesday night. God is good and having friends and making new friends that love God is awesome. It was so good to finally put a face to the family that I have been praying for.