Friday, June 15, 2007

"100 Things about me..."

1. I'm 32 and grateful for each and every day that number represents.


3. I'm claustrophobic.

4. I'm incredibly outgoing.

5. I'm "street smart" verses "book smart"... (AND happy about that!)

6. Guilty pleasure: Grey's Anatomy. (Despite the fact that I acknowledge it to be "trashy")


8. I'm a great friend.

9. I was on Nickelodeons "DOUBLE DARE" when I was 12.

10. I have Pottery Barn taste and a Walmart budget.

11. I have faith that the "Walmart budget" is TEMPORARY!

12. I love before and afters... even if the before is a dirty kitchen- I love the after when it shines.

13. Guilty pleasure: Blogging.

14. I'm a spender not a saver.

15. I love Starbucks.

16. I'm a friend keeper... it takes a lot for me to lose touch or part ways with someone.

17. I see God's hand in even the worst circumstances. (Hint- it's usually visible as I watch someone being lifted OUT of their tragedy.)

18. I have a love affection for spring rain.

19. I can't go wrong with a cup of coffee and sunrise... no matter what the location.

20. I have no ability to design an interior. ANY interior.

21. I love soy milk.

22. Guilty Pleasure: Us weekly. (I can't believe I admitted that.)

23. I hate socks. (And admittedly-in the summer- I hate shoes too.)

24. I'm selfish.

25. I love fresh cut flowers. Any flowers. (Though when in season- tulips are my FAVORITE)

26. I'm detail oriented despite the fact that I wasn't always that way. (See wedding pictures for proof.)


28. Teachability is a strength of mine. (So I've been told.)

29. I've delivered three children without medicine... despite being induced with all of them.

30. Grilled squash and zucchini... UM, UM GOOOOOOOD!

31. I fear death. BIG TIME.

32. I home-school my son... and soon- both of my sons.

33. I love Christian Praise music.

34. I am the resident home fixer upper person. (See kitchen, bathroom and soon- dining room pictures for proof)

35. Guilty Pleasure: DVR. (More specifically- Taped, Rewound, Delayed, Paused... TV.)

36. I'm a giver. (Time, talent, treasures, encouragement, affirmation, advice or just a listening ear.)

37. My kids are MY WORLD!!!

38. I love exercise but rarely do it. (Lazy I know.)

39. I'm really working on being a person of my word. (I'm much better than I used to be but have a heck of a long way to go to be where God wants me to be... )

40. I love the excitement of new friendship.

41. I taught my son how to read.

42. I want to author a book but don't feel like I have anything original to write about yet.

43. I'm the BEST mother to children before they're able to talk.

44. I'm IMPATIENT. (Hence the "not so good" mom after the kids can talk.)

45. My favorite color is periwinkle.

46. I drive a Toyota Sienna MINI-VAN. (How soccer-mom is that?)

47. I can type 62 WPM but not because I've ever taken a typing class... I learned by emailing... OFTEN.

48. I've learned more about my college friends in the last year than I ever did in the 4 years we lived side by side on campus.

49. I don't think I can come up with 50!!! things about me let alone 100!!!

50. I was a PAIN in the buttocks to raise and daily wonder how my mother survived my teenage years, and beyond.

51. I still refer to DVD's as videos when telling the family "I'm going to rent a VIDEO"

52. Guilty Pleasure: SUSHI... more specifically... California Rolls. (So- not technically sushi huh?)

53. I didn't graduate Messiah with my senior class because I refused to take Lifeguarding which was a requirement. (I didn't want to wear a bathing suit.)

54. IF today I still had the body I had in college... I think I would walk around BUCK NAKED!!!

55. I can get the BEST price on whatever I need to buy with just a little research.

56. Our family eats organics. (Hotdogs w/o nitrates, nitrites... no MSG... no hormones... no additives... no steroids... minimal preservatives... and the kids LOVE water and unsweetened tea)

57. I love celebrating people and circumstances and holidays and accomplishments.

58. Guilty Pleasure: Kelly Clarkson. Carrie Underwood. The Cranberries.

59. I have allergies and unfortunately, may have passed them to the kids.

60. I love love love gardening.

61. I hate laundry.

62. I want to be a runner... but don't actually want to have to RUN to be one.

63. Secret desire: to hand pick certain friends and family to live in a cul-de-sac of my choice.

64. I want to have a local church so we can be involved in ministry and service and small groups.

65. I want to play the guitar.

66. I love to ride bikes as a family.

67. I can no longer ride roller coasters. ICK. Hurl.

68. I can actually no longer ride the Carousel either. Boooo.

69. I say things like, "Here's the thing, Here's the kicker, Actually, and Truth be Told" far too much.

70. I taught my son how to write in cursive... He's only in first grade. :)

71. I recite things like, "30 days has September, April, June and November all the rest have 31 except for February" when figuring out Calender issues without a calender.

72. I love knowing the reasons behind how and why things work as they do.

73. I lived with a Hispanic family for a while and learned all kinds of key spanish phrases.. "Tu tiennes un actitud moy grande." (Translation... you have a big attitude.) NICE.

74. I will have been married 9 years come the 26th of this month.

75. I desire organization however find I'm no good at it.

76. I sometimes think I'm destined for great things but then realize I'm currently no more than a stay at home mom and wife to a great business man. (Maybe the trick is figuring out how to make THIS great.)

77. I dread the day I'll have to have the "birds and bees" speech with any of my kids... despite the fact that that day is not too far off.

78. I miss our life in Colorado Springs.

79. I love when my children sit at the table and make cards and pictures. They express themselves in such unique and talented ways.

80. Family is IMPORTANT. I want my children to be secure, inspired and encouraged each member of our home.

81. I love that my children know so much of the Word. Sometimes they tell me things I should already know.

82. I have a LOUD laugh.

83. I'm ridiculously creative. I can manufacture just about whatever I need in any situation so that I don't have to go buy it. (Again, this ties into my being lazy huh?)

84. I'm open minded. I really work hard to see all sides of a situation before choosing my option or stating my opinion.

85. I love babies. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE them. Wish I could have more... without having to keep them once they turn 15 months. :)

86. I'm all or nothing. Moderation is NOT a personal trait of mine.

87. I want the VERY best for my children and wonder often if I'm doing everything right to help them achieve greatness.

88. I'm a nail-biter.

89. I'm a sentimentalist.

90. Guilty Pleasure: Long Distance Phone Calls... or now termed: PEAK MINUTE phone calls.

91. I had braces on my teeth for 5+ years.

92. I don't ever want to have a regret... though I find myself wrestling them already.

93. I find myself NEEDING to be good at something at times. Even if it's making lattes, or selling denim.

94. I lived in Colorado Springs, home of Pike's Peak Mountain... and never ONCE went to the top.

95. I love to journal.

96. I've made it a MUST in my life to always have a mentor.

97. I have a sister and a brother- both older than me.

98. Paul is exactly 6 months older than me to the day.

99. I have Lyme Disease.

100. I love making people feel like they are most important person in the world.

CAROLYN- thanks for encouraging me to do this. It was fascinating. And to any of you out there who read this... take a few minutes to come up with "100 things about me". It's interesting to go through the many thoughts you have and figure out what you are willing to share and maybe what you've realized about yourself that you don't want to disclose. ENJOY!


Tara said...

That described you SO well and some of these were really funny. And some I doubt are really true like #20, #24...

Carolyn said...

I am SO PROUD of you! Brilliant! I cannot wait to read and reread this and comment on my favorites! YEAH!!!!!!

Sarah said...

Well done...I cant imagine coming up with 100 things about me. But I did teach my 1st grader cursive too :) Good job mom!