Friday, June 1, 2007

Kids Say the Darndest Things... Again.

I was on my way home from work last night and my phone rang at 10:25. It was B-boy... whiny and at times hard to understand.

"Mom, when K-girl was sick did her belly hurt and was she unable to lay down?"

"Awe, bud, don't you feel well? Can't you lie down?"

"No- and Daddy's telling me I have to."

"I'll tell Daddy you can wait for me on the couch... Where is he?"

"He's on his bed reading a magazine."

"Are you with him? Hand him the phone"

"No, I'm sitting in the bathroom."

Partly laughing I ask, "Are you sitting ON the TOILET?" (How funny to think he wasn't feeling well so he was sitting on the toilet calling me... so MAN LIKE to make it clear they are feeling their worst at that VERY MOMENT!)

"NO!!! I SAID I'm SITTING in the bathroom. I'm on the STOOL."

By this point I can't stop laughing. He has no idea why but in my mind... this kid has just corrected me from thinking he was SH*TTING on the toilet (which I clearly didn't ask) to his true activity of SITTING on the stool. FORGIVE ME! :)

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