Saturday, June 2, 2007

More "funnies" from the kids...

So- when I got home to B-boy two nights ago I sat up with him and talked a little. We were in the dining room. I heard the creeping of feet down the steps so I got up to cut the offending child off in the living room so they were unable to see B-boy and I just musing at the table to find it was Beetle.

What's wrong Bud? Why are you coming down the steps?

Mom? Do I have a little pink dot or something right here (points to his chin)... I have been "itching" (he means scratching of course) it.

I take him a bit towards the dining room so I can use the light without lighting up the entire home to look at his chin. (Selfish goal in mind... keep house "BED TIME" oriented and not "LET'S ALL GET UP AND PLAY" oriented.)

As the light beams into the living room and onto his face I see the culprit... just as he said, a little pink dot on his chin. Clearly an itchy little thing.

"Yeah bud. There is a little dot. You may have been bit by a mosquito or something. You'll be OK. Give me a hug and head off to bed."

I wrap my arms around him (he's in little shorts only) to feel his back has "texture."

Pulling him into the dining room to use all the light I see that my sweet, dear, little boy has HIVES all over his chest, back, and shoulders.


I go through the ritual of "What did you eat? What did you drink? Where did you play? and What were you wearing?" to find nothing out of the ordinary so I chalk his "bumps" up to a viral rash as K-girl was recently sick and B-boy was currently complaining of ailments.

Here's the thing MOST AMUSING to me... My kid crept down the stairs at 11:30pm to ask me if there was ONE little itty bitty itchy bump on his CHIN!!! All the while he was COVERED in said little itty bitty itchy bumps ALL OVER HIS CORE.


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