Wednesday, June 6, 2007

K-girl Swinging...

This morning, while getting ready for the day, I looked out my window to find my daughter on the swingset. And not just sitting on it, or laying belly first while swaying... no my daughter was SWINGING.

Now I know this sounds a bit dumb... but SWINGING??? Who knew she could do that? I watched for a while. Waiting to see if her brothers were near her giving her a good shove every now and again. Sustaining her. Looking to see if she was cheating... propeling herself with her feet etc. But she just pumped her little legs and leaned back and front as all do when swinging. She kept going.

I had a nostalgic moment... my BABY can swing. She's getting so old. And then mobilized myself and caught it to video. (via cell phone of course.)

I still can't believe it- so I'm sharing it with all of you. Enjoy.

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Carolyn said...

SO SWEET! Makes me look forward to being a mom one day!