Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Keep Wallet in Pocket...

Well- I suppose I should have given you this warning the day we found out it was a problem for us... but here's my warning- (better late than never)

The other night I was driving home from work when Paul called and said this,

"$377.00 at Walmart??? WHAT are you buying? $170.00 at the same Walmart... the same day? C'MON!"

To which my response was, "I don't know what you are talking about. 1. I don't EVER spend $150.00 in a shopping trip let alone $377.00 and 2. I haven't had the check card in well over a week. It's on the dresser. "

To which my precious husband became quiet, (I assume as he attempted to locate his check card) and then told me he had to get off the phone to call the bank. (Oh yes, who knew the bank had people on hand at 11pm on Saturday)

Come to find that some wonderful individual accessed our checking account and purchased well over $500.00 worth of wonders ON US at Walmart. Nice.

Thankfully- Paul filed a dispute form claiming that we never shopped at the particular Walmart and NEVER spent that $500 + dollars. We are in limbo for 10 days as teh company "investigates" but after that 10 days the full amount will be credited back to our account.

And so- the point of my story- Keep those wallets in your pockets friends. Don't let the check card escape you. Clearly people with no morals, ethics or values will use a lost, misplaced, or stolen card to purchase their "goodies" at Walmart.... with no regard to the fact that it freezes YOUR account for 10 days.

(Oops... did I say that?)


Tara said...

Ugh...this has happened to me a few times--once with a Victoria Secret purchase and another with a UPS shipment. Neither were huge amounts and I had no problems being credited. Hope it's the case with you!!

mac said...

That's terrible, I'm sorry to hear it. I had a similar experience, albeit w/ my Discover card. One night during my senior year at Pitt, my roommate and I got robbed at gunpoint after leaving Peter's Pub. It was 2:00AM, and by the time we filed a police report and got home to call and cancel our credit cards (by now around 3:30AM) the enterprising thieves had charged $800.00 on my card.

As w/ your case, Discover "investigated" the incident and it took over a month, which was an added kick in the teeth. =(