Friday, July 20, 2007

Stir before ingesting...

I picked up a few groceries today to hold the family over until I can really shop this weekend. Of the few things I purchased... I allowed the kids to get some "Stoney-Field Farms" 4 ounce yogurt 6 packs. They picked Strawberry/Peach while I went for the vanilla/blackberry combo. We don't usually get yogurt as our family is almost completely dairy free... however, they begged and I said yes. (Besides... it's yogurt right? Not ice cream or candy)

We got home and I opted for a vanilla... they all wanted peach and strawberry so we all took our little cups and started eating. The kids, each in unison, complained. "I don't like this yogurt." "Mom, peach yogurt is icky." and my favorite... "This yogurt... this yogurt... ewwwwwww!!!"

I don't enjoy listening to complaining and it was a busy morning so my patience was limited... I told them all to leave the table- and well, in essence- I became the yogurt nazi... "NO YOGURT FOR YOU!" and pointed them out of the room.

Here's the thing... I got home from work tonight well past 11... hungry. I opted for a Strawberry yogurt. (A yogurt from the pack the kids picked and all had for lunch.) As I walked to the dining room I opened the lid to find the yogurt was white.

"That's strange", I thought to myself. "White? But it's Strawberry"
I dug in with my spoon and took a bite and it was unflavored yogurt. No strawberry... no nothing. So I looked at the front of the container.

And there it was... the reason for my children's complaining... a cause for the whines and sneers... an explanation for the unhappy lunch hour....

Words that read... "FRUIT ON THE BOTTOM" I can't wait to tell them they can eat yogurt afterall- they'll just need to stir it.

Sheeeeesh. No mom of the year award winner here.... again :(

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