Wednesday, August 15, 2007


A moment of seriousness from a usually- NOT so serious person...

Last Thursday at my mall... a 5 year old little boy wearing crocs was riding the escalator when his croc was sucked into the side of the escalator pulling his foot, toes, etc into the escalator with it. Despite all attempts to free the boy from the escalator- he continued to be sucked in suffering MUCH damage to his foot.

According to a friend of mine that works at a store in the mall... the father of this boy went to her store on Friday to follow-up on the incident and shared with her that his son would likely have half his foot amputated. AMPUTATED!

How random I thought. What a fluke situation. Until I looked online for any other situations like this one- and what I found will astound you.

Thousands of children each year face incidents with crocs and escalators. From their shoe being pulled in, to melting, to their foot actually being injured and some, well, amputated. And not just LITTLE ones like K-girl. Kids that are 5, 8, 12... even the father of a girl that got her croc stuck ended up getting his stuck while trying to help her.

So here's the deal. ELEVATORS PEOPLE. Yes, they take longer, they tend to be more inconvenient... and I usually feel guilty taking them when there are people in wheel chairs and with strollers who "need" them but for safety sake- if your wee ones have Crocs... take the elevators.

Just a few things I found online...

Toddler's big toe ripped off in mall escalator accident
By Tanya FongNov 6, 2006
LITTLE Shiyr Chong screamed soon after stepping onto the moving escalator. Her foot had got caught.
The two-year-old was lifted out of harm's way by her father - but her big toe had been ripped off.The incident happened on Saturday at neighbourhood mall Admiralty Place in Woodlands Avenue 6 at about 8.40pm.
The right toe - minus the bone - was found nearly three hours later but could not be re-attached as it was too badly damaged.


Sarah said...

Glad my children dont wear them :D...that is really scarey and VERY sad!!

michelle said...

I heard about this accident. Mike's boss was at Jake's that night and they had to LifeFlight the little boy out. My kids don't have these shoes but I DO!!!
Very scary!
and the kid's room looks awesome!

mac said...

great job illustrating what happened. i was there too and was thinking about posting something myself, but I couldn't sum it up better than you did. i also agree with your suggestion: I think it's time to put the "poor man's elevator" to rest.