Friday, August 17, 2007

Family Visits...

I can now say, now that the family has come and gone, and the pressures of preparations have passed... that I am ALWAYS grateful for family visits. Aside from the obvious... the children seeing the relatives, the quality time spent, the blessing of fellowship- the benefits unrelated to relationships include... order, downsizing, and well, in all honesty... a CLEAN HOME!!!

Here's a snapshot into the life of ME come Saturday morning the 11th. (In-laws arriving Sunday afternoon)
10am... I dive into the children's room... UGH

3 Hours Later... it looks like this... OUCH!

And after debunking the beds... MYSELF...

And getting rid of 7- 32 gallon zip lock bags filled with toys...

The kids room resembled, well, a room!

Paul and I know there will be a day when our THREE children are in SEPARATE rooms.. but until then, we make do. And this arrangement finally seems to be a good one. Lets hope it lasts... OR... better yet, lets hope our housing arrangement changes :)

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Anonymous said...

Well, now that was a lot of blogging since the last time I checked your site. Way to be on top of it, Chelle. Thanks for keeping me updated long distance!
Heidi R And the room looks amazing after your hours spent!!