Tuesday, August 21, 2007

My day...

First- I head out to Pottery Barn Kids this morning for "Story Time" and on our way I notice water... in mass amounts, rolling around on our van floor. Now- a little back ground on this... last spring we found mold in our car and talked to our insurance company who assured us they'd handle this... but backed out in the end. NICE. We ended up taking the carpet out and cleaning it good but waiting to put it back in the car because we still were unsure as to where the moisture came from to get the mold.

Well, today, after a night of downpours... there was water in mass supply rolling around the car. All over the wires and the sort. Ugh. I snapped a picture and even a 15 second video as I was trying to clean it up.

Of course I made an overly emotional and dramatic phone call to Liberty Mutual. (Comical actually.) I should hear back from them today. (Not holding my breath)

We made it to Story Time... and then to have lunch with Paul... only, Paul was unexpectedly... BUSY! He couldn't have lunch with us afterall so we headed back home- until I remembered- KOHL'S SALE!!!!

To which I struck a HUGE DEAL!!! New bath towels, new santoku knife, two new pillows, and my prize purchase- a Calphalon 12x18" Double Griddle.

See-And so- after the sale, I realized today is not all that bad. Though I am home now only long enough to wash my uniform so I can go to work and serve 4 $ drinks to the public till 11.... I now have a new knife to cut my vegetables, a new griddle on which to cook them, new towels for when I shower after work and new pillows to lay my head upon when the day is through...

Not such a bad day afterall huh???

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