Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The Call of God...

It may be that I have taken my blog in a bit of a different direction recently... and for that I offer no apologies. Though I am almost certain to be posting again shortly of amusing daily activity as experienced by the W-clan. (There's too much of it not to.)

Today however I want to pose the question to you all...

Do you know the call of God on your life?

Simple question. Yes or No. Do you know?

Not an easy answer I bet.

I've been pondering the question recently. What does God have in mind for me? Where does He want for me to apply my energies? What things does He have set aside for me to impact significantly?

And no friends... I am not in a mid-life crisis... (At least I better not be... I'd like to live well past my early 60's) I just really believe it is an important question.

I heard once that the answer to this question- "If I could do anything in the world regardless of time, responsibilities, or finances... I would..." could quite possibly be God's call on your life.

Now, I'm NOT saying that to be the case. I don't know God's call for your life but I can almost certainly say that if you answer that question with... "I would lay around the house eating bon-bons while watching soap operas... " that that's probably not God.

But- What is the call of God and how are we to know?

If I could have my way I think I would be like my friend Lori Salierno. She is an evangelist/public speaker. The first time I ever heard/met her was my freshman year at Messiah College. She spoke at Chapel... twice. She was Godly, energetic, inspirational, compassionate, funny, a great story teller... and did I mention Godly? I knew on the spot that I wanted to do that forever. Speak to high-school/college kids about making choices that meant something. Instilling in them significance, hope, security, unconditional love, acceptance, TRUTH.

And for a while I did just that. I spoke to middle school students week in and week out at a local high-school. I held an accountability group for 8th grade girls. I served in a youth group and even interned at a church. But somewhere along the line- I left. I stopped. I turned it all in.

And I am inclined to believe that I turned it all in because instead of fixing my eyes on the Lord and His desires/will for my life... I selfishly plotted my own course. Engagement, Marriage, Relocation, Parenting, etc. For a good ten years I have not sought the Lord with the intent to serve Him in the capacity HE desires.

Well, enough of that. I'm trading in my Sharpie and my Calender (everything needed to make my daily agenda) for prayer and the Word. His ways will be my ways... and I will choose Him first.

Not sure if anything will change externally anytime soon but I know that internally, I will. It's His promise to me.

God has big plans. For me... and you.

And so again, I ask you...

Do you know the call of God on your life?


Anonymous said...

Thanks Chelle. It is a thought provoking question that I will ponder with you. And pray for God's answer...not mine. Heidi

Anonymous said...

Chelle...that was absolutely so beautiful and true. We all struggle with total faith. I have days when I come back and reread this as reinforcement for me. Sandi

Heather said...

Hey Chelle - Read the later posts from Sept initially pulled in by ballet tutu's but my clearest memories of you are after you meet Lori for the 1st time and how on fire you were to travel that path. Funny how we get derailed but don't beat yourself up b/c there is a time for everything. A time for a secular childhood, a time for motherhood lessons, but be still and listen if God is calling you back to speaking!