Saturday, October 6, 2007

Eight Years Ago Today...

Actually, it all began eight years ago this morning... 1:30am to be exact. I had laid down for the night when instantly, I HEARD my water break. I know, I know... is it possible to "hear" it... I swear I did. I jumped up. Headed to the bathroom... and confirmed what I already knew to be true. A baby was coming.

I woke Paul but in true sleeping husband fashion... he shushed me. Assured me that it was false labor and told me to lay back down. Instead, I showered. Talked to the baby as if it were the last time we'd be alone together. (Little did I know... :)

And then woke Paul again. The conversation was short... though humorous... and I believe at one point he sleepily told me to have the kitten drive me to the hospital. Confirming his need for rest I told him I would drive the Jetta to the hospital and when he was awake he could drive the Saturn in... and it was that statement that had him up and at em.

I was hungry so we stopped at the store for some graham crackers on the way. I had NO PAIN so it didn't even look like I was in labor. Not to the cash register girl, not to the clerk at the triage desk and not to my doctor when she arrived to check me. Apparently, no pain for a first time mom means that somethings not quite right. So the consensus.... INDUCTION. Nice.

Whatever the case, induction was at 9am and the baby... well, he shot out at 10:56am. No rest for the weary friends. We were off and running. And we haven't stopped yet. I have a multitude of pictures I could share of my first born 8 years ago... but instead I thought I'd share pictures of today. His birthday. Enjoy!!

Waiting for our buzzer to sound at Red Lobster

Red Lobster Staff singing to the birthday boy.

The kids sharing the sundae.

B's Transformer Aquadoodle...

I love that he's Surprised... it's another Transformer.

THIS is what happiness looks like.

He's making me include the back of his shirt we made.

And the pic of his winnings...
Aquadoodle, 4 transformers, underware, sheets and a blanket.


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Soooo cute! I love the shirt the best! You are a great mom!