Monday, October 8, 2007

SIMPLY JESUS... Simply Miraculous.

My pastor gave an AMAZING message Sunday at church. Amazing- partly because he spoke from the word and well, what isn't amazing out of the word of God... and partly because in my opinion... he spoke out of "the church of Beth Moore."

Alright, now before I get any malicious posts or angry emails let me say now,... I do not subscribe to the church of Beth Moore. I recognize her place in this world and that it is God through her that I love and enjoy. HOWEVER, I will admit that her ministry has been the first in a long time to point me to the foot of the cross... to the person of Christ... to the person God desires me to be. I am encouraged, motivated and inspired to seek God first... foremost and continually. And for that I make no apologies.

Now- onto Pastor Jay's message. Do miracles exist today? Does God's power move in us the way it moved in the disciples?

To answer those questions he felt it relevant to look in the gospels at the person and ministry of Christ. Matthew 4:23-34 shows that Jesus demonstrates the miraculous throughout his public ministry. He was (catch this...) NATURALLY SUPERNATURAL!!!

He showed through John 10:37-38 how Jesus revealed the purpose of his miracles. Jesus knew the reason He was performing miracles and it was NEVER to bring attention to himself... always to bring attention to the Father. The miracles authenticated the person and message of Jesus. WOW!

In Matthew 10:1/28:18 we see Jesus bestow the same power on the apostles and on the followers that he himself possessed. (See that? Followers. How many of us say, "Sure, miracles are around today... for pastors, evangelists... maybe even elders. But who am I?")

Pastor Jay then sited a former professor at Dallas Theorlogical Seminary, Dr. Jack Deere. In his book Surprised by the power of the Spirit he says,

"If you take a new convert, who prior to his conversion knew nothing about the history of Christianity or the New Testament, and you lock him in a room with a Bible for a week, he will come out believing that he is a member of a body that is passionately in love with the Lord Jesus Christ and a body that consistently experiences miracles. "

WOW again. Can you imagine your theology consisting only of what is say of God by God in the Bible? (1 Tim. 3:16 All Scripture is God- Breathed) Can you imagine believing God, in God, not because of literature, family influence, or social behavior... but because of His Word?

You see... it seems to me that if we believe the Word... than Hebrews 13:8 challenges us on this ... Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. IS HE? Is He still powerful enough to heal? Is He still spirit led, healing those in accordance with the will of the Father as was documented so many times in the Bible? (Matthew 8:1-3,5-13,14-17,23-27, 28-34)

Maybe the only reason we don't see an abundance of miracles today is because 1. we don't believe (We are tainted with skepticism, criticism, and rationalism... ) and 2. maybe we don't gather together corporately with expectant faith... we don't ask believing it will be done.

I've already said that Jesus healed in accordance of the will of the Father. Why then do so many ask why Jesus healed only 1 when He entered the pool of Bethsaida??? He was certainly able to heal everyone. But He only moved where His Father was already at work.

Well, no matter what you think about any of this.... I'm certain of two things...

1. This topic should never cause derision in the body. Unlike salvation issues that make or break foundational beliefs of a church and body of believers... this, though an important theological topic, great for debate and discussion... impacts salvation none.

2. The greatest miracle God performs is that of a CHANGED HEART!!! I can attest to this fully as I was once the worst of all heathens. (And God continues to change my heart daily.) And though I don't believe experience should form theology... I know it contributes. Seeing the hand of God in my life, His continual involvement, learning about Him by His word, and responding in obedience as He calls me.... all makes it possible for me to know Him. To love Him. To be in relationship with Him.

What more could I want?

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Michele said...

Hey, Chelle-You don't know me but I picked your blog randomly from several hundred (ha) comments on Beth Moore's blog (pretty much becasue my name is Michele-nickname Chel). I have 2 boys and a girl. I am right there with you and understand your thoughts on Beth Moore. Hope to have more time to read some more of your blog!