Sunday, November 25, 2007

Florida Day 2

Well... this much I can assure you... there was no rest for the weary. The kids were bright eyed and bushy tailed before 7am. And "divide and conquer" became our mantra. Paul, B-boy and Aunt Kathy headed out early to see the Manatees. (Can you believe I wrote that??? Manatees!!! Amazing.)

Beetle, K-girl and I took the 3 year old German Shephard (Tyra) for a walk. Fun times. Though, if I could complain for a second... I wore capris and a thin henley... and was SWEATING the entire walk. At NINE A.M!!! (Did you like how I snuck in how hot it is here in Florida at nine A.M. when it is 32 degrees at home???)

Here's the cool part. Whilst walking we noticed movement all around us. Not sure what it was I focused in to see if I could take note. Low and behold I realized there are little lizzards ALL OVER the place here. On the sidewalks, in the foliage, up the palm trees (PALM TREES!!!)... everywhere. I think technically they are anoles. Maybe salamanders. Even possibly geckos. Whatever the case, we all love them. Try to catch them though... not so easy. Paul became the hero of the day... trapped one to which K-girl said, "Dad- you're so cool."
We all got back together and headed out to the beach. Oh yes... the beach. K-girl has been to the beach but not since she was autonomous. She loved it. And well... hated it because Daddy let her get pummeled by the surf.

And then... the main event. DINNER WITH CINDERELLA!!! It was so sweet. There are so many pictures... I will try to limit myself. But I do have to tell you a funny story.

I dressed K-girl in a gorgeous dress that was purchased for her last minute at the Disney Store. (Thank you Black Friday), bought her a crown and wand... and made her look EXACTLY like Cinderella. Then this happens... K-girl and I are walking to the buffet and she sees Cinderella kneeling down with another little girl and K-girl taps me on the back. I look at her and she says, "Cinderella doesn't have a bun." Confused I say, "Huh? What?" "Cinderella doesn't have a BUN!" I look over to see that Cinderella has a french twist and daughter noticed. Noticed enough that she in essence said, "Dude. If you're going to dress me in this whole get up... GET IT RIGHT!"

And so- an hour and a half later...K-girl was snubbed by her stepsisters for leaving...she was told to return quickly by her step mother so she could mop the floors and bathe Lucifer... she was hugged by Princess Cinderella and of course said GoodBye to her Prince Charming...with a kiss.

And happily... when we carried her out... it was WARM outside. So nice. NICE. NICE. NICE!!
Here's the pictures- Enjoy!

Paul's Lizzard

K-girl's First Moments on the Beach...

And.... K-girl's Second Moments... :(

Favored Picture... K-girl watching Sea Gulls...
Beetle catching "sand fleas"...

B-Boy playing in the surf.

K-girl and Mom before dinner...

Ahhhhh... Cinderella

K-girl's true Prince Charming

In all her glory...

Wicked Step Sister... (Don't ask which one?)

The nicer of the step sisters...

Wicked Step Mother (so good in her role)

How sweet.

Charming!!! (as in adorable :)

Goodbye my Prince...

See... the slipper is missing.

Out like a light in minutes...


Stacy said...

A-W-W-W-W-W!!! I am so excited for you guys (and fighting the envious feelings that keep creeping up) Rick and I were commenting yesterday how nice it is when an "average joe family" like yours gets a big break (from, oh, i don't know . . .wal-mart say?) so that they can fully enjoy their trip to Disney and not be burdened by the cost of all that fun stuff. I'm sure you're going to get to do things you normally wouldn't have right? Good for you . .you guys deserve a FABULOUS vacation! We're excited for you and look forward to the next installments . . love you!

Michele said...

Don't you just love it! Disney is soooooo much fun-especially with a little Cinderella.

So Blessed... said...


Just precious! So absolutely adorable. Your family is cute beyond words. I loved the picture of your daughter happy one moment and crying the next. It told the story of parenthood in two picture captured it!

Blessings, Joanne

StaceyStace said...

What a great trip! Of course, we are all JEALOUS out here in blogland! Cute pictures.