Saturday, December 1, 2007

Few Pics till we get home...

We are packing this morning so we can return to PA. (There are many tears... glad this isn't a video blog!!) We've had an amazing time. I'll be sure to fill you all in when I get back into the swing of things at home.
Enjoy these random candids.
Oh- and HAVE A SAFE TRIP TARA (and Pam and family) Enjoy Disney baby Charlie. :)

MGM Family Picture

Star Wars Candid

Resort Pool

Bare Feet Christmas Picture

She loved CindaBrella.

Way too cute for me.


Joanne said...

Just adorable! How in the world can you pick out your favorite picture, they are all just darling.

Glad you are on your way home and that this trip was such a blessing.

Lord, give them traveling mercies on their trip back. Bless Chelle with children that miraculously travel well and are able to sleep on the plane. Bless them Lord.

Michele said...

How fun! We just love Disney.