Tuesday, December 4, 2007


I could sing so many. Isn't the Lord amazing? Really. Thinking on all the things I could tell you about our trip, His provisions, His grace, His presence... joy wells up inside.

I am so in love with Jesus. And I am so grateful that He is more in love with me than I am even able to comprehend.

Our trip was wonderful. We enjoyed every bit of it but also found that we ran ourselves to the ground. On the plane home the children were sleeping (Thanks Joanne for the prayers... :0) so I enjoyed the quiet of the plane. I was reading a devotional about how the crucifiction didn't just happen to Jesus... It's what He was sent for. It was His purpose. Which got me to thinking... God KNOWINGLY sent His Son to endure the most unimaginable form of suffering- FOR ME!!!

Here's why it gets me... I have said, on many different occassions, that I will not have any more children because it's too much for me to think that my child could get Lyme Disease and endure any type of suffering from a disease I gave him/her. (This happened with Kylee and was very difficult to watch and still is at times as I wonder if some of her struggles are still Lyme related) I have decided NEVER to have a child again on the POSSIBILITY that they could experience suffering. The POSSIBILITY!!!


He knew what He would face and still sent Him. Can you imagine? As a mother that thought makes NO SENSE at all to me. Is this what Paul meant when He wrote in Romans 8, "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him who have been called according to his purpose." I mean- I won't even have another child because they MIGHT get sick or suffer at some point... but He willingly, knowingly sent HIS SON, to die a tragic death on the cross... for me. FOR ME!!! Eternal perspective. ETERNAL PERSPECTIVE.

It's this very point that makes me well up as I blog today. This is how much He loved me. God doesn't forgive me because He's my Father and He loves me. No! He forgives me because of what Christ did on the cross. BUT... out of His LOVE for me...He sent His son to endure the cross. That's is amazing.

I am so in love with Jesus. (Did I say that already?)

I'll include more vacation pictures later.


Joanne said...


..I am speechless...eternal perspective was so needed for me today.

Thank you friend,

Love, Joanne

Anonymous said...


Look at me, I even figured out how to leave a comment.

Wonders Never cease.