Saturday, November 24, 2007

Hellllloooooo Florida!!!

Can you believe we are in Florida? I can't. What a blessing!!! Truly. We don't assume any part of this trip, our itinerary (yes, we finally made one), and/or the family we're able to visit with while here... have anything to do with us. God made every bit of this possible... and WE ARE GRATEFUL!!!

We arrived in Orlando virtually unscathed. It was a fairly uneventful flight.... there was no throwing up, screaming, whining, complaining, crying or any absurd behavior to speak of. (And Paul and the kids did well also.)

I forgot a few things. (That I am aware of so far.) First and foremost... sadly, I forgot to grab our carseats out of the van when we arrived at the airport. So- from the plane... I texted Paul's Aunt in Fl and asked her to go Target to get us two new ones. SAD!!! We are technically "renting" two new carseats for the week at the tune of 57$. BOO! Next, I realized while unpacking that we have Kylee's Cinderella dress, wand, shoes... but no crown. I had bought one while black Friday shopping but well... left it in the van with the carseats. SAD!

Here are a few pictures of just our travels... all from the cell phone since I can't upload pictures from my Canon. Enjoy!

Well there you have it. Pictures from the plane and the Orlando Airport... can you imagine what I'll have to show you once we actually GO somewhere??? :)

Love you all. Thanks for sharing in our first family trip to Disney!!

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Joanne said...

AWESOME! Thanks for taking me along! I felt like I was on the plane with you guys. I loved the picture of you and your lil one with a crayon on his chin. What is a trip without crayons?!?

Love, Joanne