Saturday, November 17, 2007

Hi to some new friends...


It was so great to meet you both. I hope you enjoyed your time at the Waterfront this morning!! It's one of my favorite places to be. Especially during the holidays.

I thought I would put a few links here for you so you didn't feel like you were fumbling through the blog.


February 5th: My life as a SAHM (if you are a stay at home mom... you'll love this.)

February 8th: K-girl gives herself a mullet just 2 weeks before her 3rd Birthday. NICE. (If all you see is the pictures... this post is WORTH your time.)

February 16th: In sickness and in health... A day in the life of LYME.

March 19th: No Skiing Allowed... how I became HIS.

March 20th: The bathing children debate... (If you have kids... this one will make you chuckle.)

April 8th: Easter Tribute... video titled... It's Friday, but Sunday's coming.

May 24th: Annual Picture of K-girl in MY wedding dress.


August 20st: Sandcastle Pictures.

August 31st: What I'm Learning...

September 13th: A Video of K-girl and Phil. 2.4

October 2nd: Pictures...

October 26th: God Heals...

I know I know... looks like a lot. Pick and choose. But whatever you do... leave a comment. I'm excited to catch up with you guys.

God is good... all the time!!!

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