Monday, December 24, 2007

"Oh and Dad Wrecked the Van..."

Paul took the kids for some last minute shopping on Saturday. (The most shopped day of the year... almost certainly because of the procrastination of husbands and boyfriends everywhere :)

Anyway, upon return the kids walk inside and B-boy starts telling me about how "Daddy asked us if we wanted an X-Box 360 instead of a Wii... and he took us to play the 360 at Best Buy... and he told us that we could still play the games we already have for our X-box if we got a 360... "

All the while Paul was in the background saying, "B, Mommy doesn't... you don't have to tell... B- THAT'S ENOUGH!"

So- I freed B from Dad's scorn and told him he could tell me all about his time with Daddy... by where they shopped for... nothing. And B then went on to say,
"Mom, the graphics on the 360 are amazing, the people look real. I can't wait to play football. Oh... and Dad wrecked the van."

I was nodding my head in agreement the entire time as he spoke of the advantages of the 360- however, his last comment caught me a bit off guard.

"DAD DID WHAT?" (Paul at this point feeling sideswiped himself... unable to formulate a sentence... "well, I was, uh, um... B - why did you, I")

"Dad- wrecked the side of the van... your door, and our big door. The mirror, and the handle... all broken. "

Thankfully, when I went outside to see it... it didn't seem as bad as the kids had made it sound. It is dented... both doors just as they said, and well, the handle to the passenger side door is busted. But that's all.

Haven't submitted it to insurance yet. We just had the car repaired from Paul hitting a deer. Uuuughh.

The good news... it didn't even phase me. It's just a vehicle. It will be repaired. No big deal.

I will say however that Paul should probably steer clear* of driving for a while. Our automobiles can't take it. :)

*Pun completely intended.

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