Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas at the W's.

Well friends. Here is a summary of our Christmas thus far. (Though to be quite honest- I don't believe an update will be necessary- it appears the rest of our Christmas will be spent in front of our large TV taking turns playing Xbox 360)

Thanks to my dear friend Joanne's recipe... we were able to sprinkle "Reindeer Food" in our front lawn on Christmas Eve.

After feeding the deer we settled in to open our Christmas Eve presents...one per child.

This year's present- a Disney Christmas Keepsake book with stickers.

Here's K-girl with her book and Santa's cookies and SOY milk.
(That's what you get when you come to our home...Santa.)

Apparently Santa is not only OK with soy milk and cookies...
He's a DUNKER! (ick!)

Here are the kids Christmas Morn'.
(Why is this picture better than the one that I fought for on our Christmas card?)

Let the presents begin with Transformers!

And Disney snowglobes!

Presents from Grandpa...

And presents from Mom and Dad- an MP3!

And just when they thought they were done... the doozy! (No it's not a Zeplin)
The X-BOX 360!
And K-girl's favorite... her ballet pj's... with a cute sleep safe tu-tu.
(If Miss. Angie, her ballet teacher, could only see her now.)

Actually- that's not entirely true. I wish our camcorder would have worked this morning so I could have showed you how sweet she was when I asked her to fix one of the village houses under the tree, and she saw 2 packages wrapped in Hannah Montana giftwrap. Good Lord was she screechy then. Paul and I just giggled at her.
She pulled out the presents (she thought she was done with presents) and said, "Oh I hope it's a Hannah Montana microphone." She opened the first which was the Hannah Montana headset. She liked it but you could see a bit of disappointment. Then she opened her microphone and boy oh boy did she break the sound barrier. She screeched the screech only dogs can hear. It angered them I am sure of it.
The boys have been playing X-box. That is why I have time to do this. K-girl is running around singing the two songs on that headset. Ugh. Right now I'd pay big bucks for diversity in song.
I have a turkey in and potatoes on... green been caserole in the making, candied yams on the horizon... and a nap in my NEAR FUTURE!
Ahhhhh- I love being a mom on Christmas day. I can't imagine what Mary felt like.
We love you all.


Michele said...

Great pictures! What happened to the Wii?

Cheryl said...

OK, not to be repetitive, but what happened to the Wii that you guys worked so hard to get?

Joanne said...


LOVED the Christmas pictures. Your children are adorable. That picture of your boys with their arms around each other...a keeper! The one of your daughter with mouth wide open looking at her snowglobe...another awesome snapshot!

What a good mommy you are friend.

Love, Joanne