Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Since a few of you want to know what happened to the Wii... I thought I would include an excerpt of an email I sent to my friend Michele today, answering that very question.

The Wii has been a sore topic for the 'W' household this past week. We want one- said the husband. Wife stands outside in rain from 3-8am at Best Buy to acquire golden ticket for cherished Wii. Wife keeps secret from husband... Husband buys Xbox 360 same night just in case. Husband HAPPENS UPON second wii next day. COntroversy ensues throughout week ending with husband deciding the 360 is the way to go. Wife lists, but doesn't sell, Wii on Craigslist. Wii still in basement.

Today- kids love 360- wife loves Guitar Hero- even husband loves guitar hero (but won't admit to it) Sister in law who also got her husband a wii calls to say how much husbands entire family- three sisters, their mates, mother etc... LOVE the Wii... husband reconsiders keeping Wii and returning opened Xbox.

Husband's indecision continues- Xbox stays- and possibly Wii stays too. Oh this husband of mine.

And so- the Wii is here. However- when husband realizes that we aren't made of money- I'm almost certain we will make available said Wii to Tara- an old friend of mine from Messiah. Keep your fingers crossed. :-)

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Tara said...

Chelle'....we ended up getting an XBox since Pam got the Wii....