Sunday, December 30, 2007

Oh that we could have such faith...

First - allow me to express just how saddened I am that this occurred and that this husband and father now has to overcome such loss. Having said that... I couldn't help but read one line in particular and have all sorts of thoughts pertaining to the faith that we posess and at times LACK.

Here's the article (not in it's entirety.)


A mother and her five children were killed Sunday by a mortar round fired during fighting between Somali insurgents and Ethiopian troops.

Insurgents attacked bases of Ethiopian troops in the south of the capital with mortars and the Ethiopians fired back, with about 30 mortars fired in all, said Mostaf Abdi Ahmed, a neighbor of the family.

"An explosion rocked our neighborhood, then we came out and saw a shack partly on fire and a mother and her five children lying dead," he said.

Madey Sufi Mohamed, the husband and father who lost his family, said he had gone to a nearby shop when he heard an explosion and returned home to find his loved ones dead.

"It is really tragic, but there is nothing I can do about Allah's will," said Mohamed.

Clearly- it's unfortunate to have something of this magnitude occur. Actually- it's unfortunate to misplace your keys while at the supermarket or even to lose your wallet... it's absolutely tragic and unthinkable for something of this nature to happen. But to this father and husband... it happened- and he INSTANTLY lost his entire family. To which his response is not, "Curse Allah!" or even "Where is Allah?" or what about the usual, "What am I going to do?" No.. his sole response is- " It is really tragic but there is nothing I can do about Allah's will."

WOW! I have seen many a friend in far less tragic circumstances- to be perfectly honest... friends who faced INCONVENIENCE- to which their responses included complaining, whining, and well... forsaking the Lord. Why? Our God is alive and at work in us now and forever. His word living and active. And His purposes... pure and holy. And yet- someone who believes in Allah and loses everything he has... much like Job... has more faith than what is commonly seen of Christians? Can this be? SHOULD it be?

It's certainly something to think about.

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