Monday, December 31, 2007

Mom Madness.

I spent about 5 hours this weekend in the midst of what I can only explain as madness. Due to my daughter's last minute love of Hannah Montana- our only hope for Hannah Montana concert tickets is to win them, which meant that this weekend, we had to attend TWO "Hannah Montana" parties given by Radio Disney.

The parties themselves were cute. Really. The girls that ran them from Radio Disney were so good with the children. Particularly the radio host K-10. (Atleast that's what other mom's referred to her as... I sure didn't know her much past seeing her at both events.) Kylee was able to hula-loop, limbo, play poseable rock paper scissors, dance, sing, and spend time with other little girls that also care about Kylee's current "favorite thing".

Here's where it went downhill. At somepoint, on both days we attended parties, the MOM's went NUTS. Seriously. The kids were playing a game called, "Last Diva Standing" by where the host had a list of things each child had to have on their person to continue standing. Last child standing would win something Hannah Montana. Toward the end of the list of things... 4 girls were standing. And the murmuring began.
"She doesn't have shoelaces."
"She doesn't have a zipper"
The MOMs argue amongst themselves. The chidren innocently stand by having been pushed to the front by those loving moms. The radio hosts trys to keep peace while on the microphone.
One MOM throws HER jacket to her child so she has the required zipper. Another mom vocalizes how "Shoelaces don't have to be ties... they can be elastic as well without being velcro."

MERCY. I have to tell you- I spent 5 hours in line, in rain... 33 degrees outside, for the most prestigious Christmas present... the WII and despite the fact that all of us in line were without even the most basic comforts of shelter, food, heat etc... and yes, we were all MISERABLE- not one of us was rude, mean, or arguementative. Those Wii people were by far more CIVIL than the dressed up, latte carrying, makeup wearing MOM's at the Hannah Montana parties. SHAME!!!

I just hugged Kylee to my chest and said, "Are you having fun?" because the second she said no we were OUTTA THERE. But she hung in there despite the MOM MADNESS!!!

Oh and this cute little story- I showed her the little Hannah Montana card she "won" (was given for participating) where Hannah "signed" it. (It is pre-printed clearly.) It took me a few times to explain it to her but then I saw her face light up when she understood to which she then said,

"Well, where is she? Where is Hannah Montana? I want to draw with her."


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Michele said...

What are those Moms teaching their children? I'm not perfect but that seems nuts. Sounds like you kept your cool, though!