Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy Blogiversary...

*Sidenote before beginning... do you think "blogiversary" will be one of the few added words to the dictionary this year? And second- do you think someone in Hallmark corporate is calculating how much money they can make from "blogiversary cards?" Just wondering. Onto the real post-

It was this time last year I posted my first post here on blogspot. It wasn't my first blog post however. I had started my blogging journey on myspace.com but realized quickly that it was not a practical site for blogging.

So thanks to Tara- my technologically advanced friend... I established this site and over time learned how to add pictures, videos and music. It has been a fun year.

In honor of this "blogiversary"... I have decided to select a few of my favorite posts over the year and link to them fo rthe memories.

First Ever Post

If I could be good in anything...

Secrets Revealed

My Testimony... well, the beginning anyway.

K-girl's Mullet

K-Girl's Wedding Pictures

Mother's Day

Father's Day

100 Things about Me (time for new ones by the way.)

K-girl's Ballet Pictures

Oops... I have a LOT of "favorites" apparently... I'm going to stop adding links now. The mullet was a fun one to look back on though... but I think that is only because she has hair again now. :-)

Thank you all for checking in on my posts over this past year. You can't know what it means to me that you allow my words come into your hearts and home.

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Joanne said...

Dang girlfriend, you have posted ALOT this past week. I really need to check on you DAILY!

HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY! I love getting to read your words Chelle. You are a blessing to the blogosphere...(is that a word in the dictionary yet?!?)

HAPPY NEW YEAR...Love, Joanne