Sunday, January 20, 2008

Come to church with me...

I have a desire. One that I'm not sure can become a reality but one that I am willing to pursue in hopes that the logistics will work themselves out...

I really want to go to church with you. Yup! You. And despite the fact that you live in Philadelphia, Florida, California, Georgia and Tennessee (did that cover all 5 of you that read this blog?) I still want to go with you.

Since travel to and fro seems like a bit of an impossibility on Sunday morning- I thought you could bring me by posting a copy of a favorite recent message on your blog page so I could tag along.

Since I really want this to happen- I've linked the first two messages of this year, and this new series, to this page so you can come along to my church if you'd like.

A few bits of information about the message (s) I've selected to bring you to...

*Series called: The Neighborhood of Make Believe
*Summary- Do you live in a world of Make Believe? Surface relationships. Magazine houses. Pasted on smiles. Sometimes superficiality is more comfortable than authenticity, so we retreat into a world of lonliness masked by a pleasant facade. We drive alone, work alone, eat alone, sleep alone, or just feel profoundly alone even when we're surrounded by others. During this five week message series we'll dismantle our resignation to fake relationships and meaningless interactions and discover the community God intends for us by looking at relationships in the Trinity, among the disciples, and in the church.

*Three messages thus far...

1. God is not a three headed dragon.
-Distinguishing between real and make believe.

2. Dancing with Dragons.
- Living "real" via "Real-ationships."

3. The Clock Strikes Midnight.
- Learning to exchange Real for Make Believe...
- Compassion for contempt, Conviction for Complacency.

I so hope you'll find a few minutes today to come to church with me. It really is worth the trip. And if I may offer my opinion as to which message I would like you to join me for.... The Clock Strikes Midnight!!! They are all amazing and worth listening to but since time is hard to come by- and you may only be able to spare 30 minutes... spare them for the third message in the series.

Here's the LINK to all recent messages at our church. There are also outlines available for each message via the same link. If you are able to listen to a message... feel free to add your thoughts in the comment section.

If you are able to post a link you a recent favorite message at your church... please post it on your site and leave a comment on this post so I can join you for your service. :0)



Michele said...

Great idea Chelle! I will do it as soon as possible. You can go to my church web site (First Baptist Loganville) on my blog and just take your pick. The Christmas series "What are you wishing For" was really good. I did not her them all because I am usually with the kiddos (Preschool Director).

Joanne said...


This sounds like fun. It will work great since Paul gave me a wireless speaker for the computer. I will try it as soon as I is Grace's bday tomorrow and we are having company come on Sunday. Am I prepared? Are you kidding?!?

Love, Joanne

Mastermind said...

I read your comment today - amazing! I had no idea! Admittedly, I've been so busy lately that I had just been checking in with you quickly here and there to see if you updated on your health so I had missed this post. Thanks for checking out my church!