Thursday, January 17, 2008

Praises... Praises.. .and more Praises.

It's official. God worked it out. I know all this because I have a PICC line in my right arm!! PRAISE GOD!!!

It was ALL Him. Really. If I had tried to make any of this happen- I would be sitting here, frustrated, anxious, overwhelmed... believing there was a God who didn't care for and or meet my needs! But I'm not. And I don't.

Yesterday, a very long day... (which followed a VERY long night that I will share at another time when I feel like I have processed it a little more) can only be summed up by God is FAITHFUL and just as He feeds the birds of the air who don't sow or reap... He meets my needs as I wait in Him. And isn't it just like Him to throw in a little extra JOY in the process.

I started my day at Greenville Hospital. It is quite the distance from my house so my day started before dawn. I got there and met the nursing team Bob and Cindy. I have to tell you... God is so good ! Knowing full well that I was going in for an outpatient treatment, in a sterile environment, with people in big radioactive safe coats, draped in all kinds of hospital gowns, masks, eye shields... ARMOUR I TELL YOU... there is always the option of having people as "cold" as the environment- BUT God had none of that. Bob and Cindy were funny, quick witted, entertaining. (Though I could be persuaded to believe that if someone asked them... they might say the same about me.)

*A personal comment about Cindy- she was warm and kind and a joy to be around. She was like having a "best friend" come with you for the uncomfortable hospital visit. She was the kind of person I would have become friends with had I met her in church, at work, or picking up my children at school. (I have got to get my children in school :0) Were distance not an issue I'm almost certain we would have met for coffee at Starbucks- hmmmm, now that I think about it, I do travel up there to Greenville's local Starbucks monthly... maybe we will grab a Soy Chai after all. (wink-wink)

Whatever the case, they really made the time pass. Dr. L joined us after I was prepped and ready for the procedure. (Ahhh the important people always get to make their entrances don't they? What if I made all of them arrive, lay out the supplies- sharp objects included, and then meandered in and hopped on the table and told them I was ready to begin???)

Anyway, Dr. L didn't say much initially. He started running the guide line into the vein while watching a monitor next to him. I was watching the radiology monitor above me waiting for the snake like line to enter the picture. (Having had this done before I knew what to expect- maybe something that wasn't helpful at this point. ) The snake line line didn't enter the screen I was looking at despite Dr. L's continual threading of it into my arm. I waited. And waited. And waited. Felt like forever. Then Janet, my ultrasound tech, who arrived early to examine my veins and pick a "Good one" said something to the effect of, "Um, Dr. L, I didn't negotiate that vein" To which Dr. L leaned close into his monitor and said, "Oooohhhhh! I'm over theeeeere."

I was kinda glad I didn't have a heart monitor on at that moment because they would have seen the rise in my heart rate KNOWING full well that I no longer trusted them. (Funny or not.) :0)

He pulled the line and readjusted and then ran it again. I saw it hit the screen and I was comforted. Until seconds later- it slammed up against something. I couldn't see what but I could see the black line STOP in it's tracks. The Dr. exhaled. Then said, "I thought you brought me "good veins" Michelle."

Apparently the vein was blocked. Ugh. He asked for contrast- (a liquid visible via the X-ray equipment) and sent it in there to see where the block was and if the pressure of the liquid would open it. I of course was TOTALLY PRAYING by this point. My last PICC line was not at all this eventful.

My vein opened and I heard Dr. L say, "I did it." to which I said, "I'm all for encouraging you here... and am sure glad it opened... but it wasn't you that did it. I prayed for God to open it." The staff (4 at the time) got quiet, looked at me, and then Cindy and Bob almost in unison said, "We'll take that." (Completely supportive of my statement)

The guide line was in. I was happy knowing it was only a few more seconds and I would be done. Little did I know...

The catheter, (little rubberish tube that goes in my arm, up my vein and drops into the Superior Vena Cava- largest vein entering the heart) was cut too short and so as the Dr. entered it and withdrew the guide line... it was a good 9 cm too short. So... yes, we had to START ALL OVER.


Guideline going in. Guideline STUCK again. Dr. forces guideline in though it overlaps on itself. Catheter cut to right length. Catheter sent in. Guide line being pulled out. Both must have intersected because in my chest, right side, I felt a bang. Something caught me. I was winded and uncomfortable for some reason. I must have made it known because the Dr. asked me what was wrong. I told him I felt it to which he said, "That is the first time I've ever had anyone tell me they felt their catheter enter the Superior Vena Cava." Yeah well... get used to it. I tend to usher in a lot of the 'first time's, 'could be's, 'a small percentage of people's and very rarely's.

All in all, the catheter went in. The IV therapy team came in to clean and dress it (Thank you Vera and sweet blond bob girl whose daughter's birthday was that day) I was watched for a few seconds to be sure all was well... and then I was free to go.

God was so good to me. (And is so good to me.) I can't tell you all how very much this was an act of Him. Looking over the logistics of it all- I certainly faced many more NO's than maybes and or yes's. God opened every door. Even down to the medicine I received which is the most expensive form of the prescription medicine my doctor ordered. The medicine I have is convenient, requires no IV pole, is premixed, and is simply kept in the refrigerator. A huge blessing.

THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR PRAYERS FRIENDS. I felt every one. And I'm excited to see what the Lord does in and through each of your prayers and I continue this line of treatment.
(By the way- how gross is this picture? If it wasn't a praise I so wouldn't have included it!!)


Joanne said...


Praising God right along with you my friend. May you continue to feel His peace and see His hand in every single step along the way.

Love, Joanne

Angie said...

Chelle---I haven't read further (but I will) to know what is going on with you health wise...but I am totally PRAISING GOD! with you! You will be in my prayers!

Anonymous said...

Chel, yikes! What a procedure! I'm so glad you are done....and with praises coming out of you! Now, take care of yourself!
:) Heidi