Monday, January 28, 2008

Who Lived TO Die For Me...

This song, YOU, that I have as the starting song on the playlist right now has a line in it that captures me every time I hear it...

As I pray and wait upon the Lord
I know Your grace and love I am restored
As I think of all You've done for me
The mystery of Your love

Who walked upon the sea
Who lived to die for me
You Lord, You Lord
You Lord, Lord

As I look upon You I am changed
And though I fail, Your faithful love remains
As I sing and worship You
I find again no words describe Your love

Who watches over me
Whose love has covered me
You Lord, You Lord
You Lord, Lord

Hallelujah Almighty One
There is none like You

Does it get you? Make you stop and really think? Because it does me.

My SIL often says to me that what she is enduring physically "is of no surprise to the Lord." If I am being honest about my own life however, I will tell you that there have been several times I've found myself thinking CLEARLY THIS IS JUST AS MUCH A SURPRISE TO THE LORD AS IT HAS JUST SNUCK UP ON ME!!!

Now- before any of you email me with scriptures verses like Deuteronomy 31 (The Lord will go before you) and Psalm 139 (Before each word is on my tongue you know it) ..... I KNOW nothing surprises the Lord but at times I find myself, in my flesh, thinking that He MUST be surprised because surely I had no knowledge of this so.... (Ummmm- how honest am I being as I elevate myself and my knowledge ABOVE HIS!)

All this to say- I tend to think "Jesus lived AND died for me." And that is very true...BUT... there us POWER in the fact that He lived TO die for me and that realization... well, that is overwhelming. Because it confirms that it was of no surprise to God. It didn't sneak up on Jesus. It was the will of the Father from before He sent His son that He would be sacrificed FOR ME.

I am overwhelmed. And amazed. And I exhale- in peace. Without fear. Without anxiety... of what could be or might transpire... because it is all IN HIS HANDS. All that matters has already been accomplished. He lived TO die for me. And that confirms that God is trustworthy.

So- listen to the song. Even if you don't like slow music. Even if you are more of a Nicole Nordeman or Bebo Norman person (forgive me SIL as I don't know many people outside of those two in regards to Christian artists so I've forced to use them... take no offense. :-)

... even if you are like KIMBERLY who gets on the blog to check in on the family and IMMEDITELY turns OFF my music :0) ... listen to this song. That line alone is enough to bring you into the Holy of Holies, face to face with your Creator.

Until next time-


Joanne said...

I'm pulling a fast hit-n-run today, just checking on how you are feeling. I will be back to listen to the song, I promise! I always LOVE the music you choose.

Joanne :O)

Mari said...

What a beautiful song. It is one of those songs that makes me teary. Thanks for sharing it with me.
PS - love the vacuum cleaner. I might get excited about vacuuming if I had one like that!