Saturday, February 9, 2008


Well, it's official. You did it. You're 40. (My children would insert a favorite line from ELF here... "You did it. Congratulations. World's Best Cup of Coffee!)

Happy Birthday Friend.

Here's to the Lord's continued blessings on you over the next 40 years just as you've blessed others for the last 40. (and that I'm still around to wish you a HAPPY 80th in 2048!)

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Joanne said...


I finally got some blogging time tonight..waiting for Meg to come home from work.

How clever are you?!?!? I will take that ticket and how about we attend both? Who knows what God has for us this next year!

I will also gladly accept the delicious Starbucks coffee. It was almost 70 degrees here today, so I will DEFINITELY make it a frappuccino!

You are a sweetie Chelle! SO when is your birthday? And was that banner correct...733 until your birthday? Which birthday...surely not your 40th...I thought I was the MUCH older and not much wiser friend.

Love you! Joanne