Friday, February 8, 2008


Many of us circulate from one blog to another.
Odds are, if you read my blog, most likely, you read Joanne's as well.

So you probably already know that Saturday, February 9th is...

She is away this weekend with her family on a retreat in the snow.
I thought of a fun way to celebrate her while she's away.

Feel free to leave Joanne a present. Something fun and CUTE.

I just think it will fun for her to come back and check the blog on Monday...
to see how many people thought of her on her 40th Birthday.


(Oh... and you should be grateful you gave me your home number and not your cell... I tried to send you a text message minutes after midnight to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Clearly it didn't wake you with a beep as home phones can't get text messages.)

Love you friend.

*I'm editing this post as the cute little gift leaver thingy isn't working. It lets you leave em and then erases all gifts... Booooo! So- PLEASE leave a comment with the gift you "would have" left her. She'll still appreciate the sentiment!!! (I can't seem to get this fixed!)


Mari said...

I didn't know it was her birthday. Thanks for doing this - what a great way for us all to wish her well!

Chelle' said...

I tried to leave FOUR gifts. (I'm am just a thoughtful person... selfless and giving at all times. :) Especially when they are FAKE/FREE gifts!!!)

Gift #1 Frappuccino! What kind of Starbucks employee, and friend for that matter, would I be were I NOT to have gifted a fake Starbucks drink?

Gift #2 Cake! I would have put 40 smoking candles on it but the internet prevented me...something about web safety and too much fire? Hmmmmm.....

Gift #3 Vacation! More specifically- airfare/hotel accommodations to either the She Speaks Conference or the Living Proof conference in Colorado Springs (which I still really want to go to so I thought sending you too would be fun.)

Gift #4 Golden Ticket. Closely related to the Vacation... the ticket is for entrance into either the She Speaks conference... or LP conference. Awe Heck... it's a fake ticket... I'll give you two- one for each :)

I really hope you have a GREAT BIRTHDAY friend. Wish I could have celebrated with you but am happy to know your family is celebrating you even as I type this.

HAPPY 40th Birthday Joanne!

girlymom said...

Another Vacation~ definately, everyone needs a little R&R!