Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Meet Miracle...

This is our kitty... Miracle. I'm not sure what prompted me to post her picture today... other than the fact that I captured two to my phone... but I thought I would introduce her since I forgot to include her in my Thankful Thursday post. And make no mistake- she IS part of our family.

Miracle was left to the local Humane Society. Two and a half years ago- when I became symptomatic but didn't know what was going on... I was pretty much "bed-rested". We had a cat at that point, Molly, BUT was unfriendly. She made true the statement, "Dogs have Masters, Cats have Servants."

So- I talked my husband into allowing us to adopt another kitten that would actually be a lap cat. FRIENDLY and adorable. A kitty to rest with me and take my mind off of my symptoms. (I know. I know. What a stretch right? I so should have been relying on the mercies of the Lord but was seriously incapable at that time.)

When I went to the Humane Society I saw her. She was small, and furry, and sweet. She purrrrrred like it was her job and she even rolled to her back so I could pet her belly. I loved her instantly.

I told the staff I wanted to adopt her and gave them a brief summary as to why my husband was allowing us another kitty. I think the H.S. staff felt a little bad for me and opted to be completely honest of our new kitten's situation. "She was left here by a breeder. She is a full bred Manx and was perfectly healthy at birth but the breeder believes she aquired a fast moving cancer from her vaccination at her injection site."

My heart dropped. I felt the lump. It was clearly there... in her neck. And then I responded, "Well, we will still adopt her because if she is going to die. It is not going to be here. "

As we walked to the adoption room to complete paperwork I realized she was the perfect, imperfect, kitten for me. Just like me, she wasn't quite healthy.

They asked me for her name and I responded simply, but with much certainty... "Miracle... clearly she needs one just as I do. "

Thankfully- my symptoms turned out to be Lyme Disease and not ALS... and her lump, though possibly still cancerous, hasn't taken her life. She has issues don't get me wrong. She's missing teeth, her tongue sticks out almost always, and unfortunately her kidneys seem to be chronically failing... but she is STILL purrrrrring like it's her job.

See- now that you've met her, you love her too don't you?


Mari said...

I do love her! We have a cat too - her name is Cleopatra because she thinks she is a queen! She is somewhat snooty to people she doesn't know, but we love her nontheless!

Tara said...

I do love her! And the tongue...so funny. :) Such a pretty kitty.

Joanne said...

Your love for your kitty is just too sweet Chelle.

I could have used some of that 'LOVE' when our cat woke us up in the middle of the night to go out...ARRRGHGH!)(@*!)(

Love, Joanne

girlymom said...

Oh that makes me miss my kitty from childhood. She had the same facial stripes and coloring! What a sweetie! I never knew you had the symptoms and scare, glad to hear you are ok and kitty is doing well too. We all could use a Miracle!

A Stone Gatherer said...

Ya know I don't consider myself a cat person, but I think I love Miracle! She was meant just for you when you needed her! God is so good! Thinking of even that!

Rebekah said...

Puuurrrty Kitty