Thursday, February 14, 2008


I must be in a funk today because instead of this being a post that exudes from the overflow of the blessings of the Lord in my life... I find it being PRESSURE. I keep asking myself, "What am I thankful for?" And in all honesty- the things that pop to mind are the circumstances I'm currently facing... the struggles, health and otherwise, schooling for the children, fiances, relationships.

Isn't that how it is though? Because of our nature... our tendency for self preservation... to look to ourselves at all this is wrong instead of seeing in us the things of Him that are right?

My pastor calls it the difference between living in the land of the REAL and living in the land of MAKE BELIEVE. Things that are troubling me today are all from the land of MAKE BELIEVE... none of these issues will still be issues when I am in His presence for all eternity. They are merely distractions today.

And with that said, I am SOOOO THANKFUL for the Lord in the midst of my everyday. For who He is, for who I am in Him, for what He can do and for the fact that despite days like today where it is hard for me to see through my circumstances and to the end of myself ... HIS LOVE ALWAYS PEEKS THROUGH JUST ENOUGH FOR ME TO BE BROUGHT BACK TO the Land of the Real!!!! To intimacy in and fellowship with Him. To continual communion and relational abiding. To joy even in the mourning... and new mercies everyday. To knowing that...

If you find yourself in a similar funk today... I pray that you too would see through the mire, the circumstances, the muck.... to the face, the person, the one called Jesus! And that His love would bring about the same THANKFULNESS I have found this Thankful Thursday.


Joanne said...


What a beautiful post...I am living in the land of the real today!

Hugs, Joanne

Mari said...

Chelle' - thanks for the honest post. We all have our times of being in a funk. and - it's almost always over something from this land of "make believe". Great reminder to stick with the "real".

Beth said...

I love how you can turn your funk into a positive message for Christ!

Thanks for being an inspiration and a great role model

Nancy said...

This is truly an example of transparency that so many of us are unable to show. Thanks for your honesty & your unfailing love of Christ, this is a wonderful post.

A Stone Gatherer said...

So true! Sometimes it's hard to come out of the make believe! I love the quote, so true too!

Anonymous said...

Your comments are precious. Thank you.