Friday, February 1, 2008

She Speaks Conference...

A great cyber-friend of mine, Joanne, has a desire that goes to the core of her person. More than a desire however... she has a calling. It is to write.

I could go into a long list of validations of this calling in her life- the articles she's written for her church newsletter, her published article in Todays Christian Woman , the scripture she was given by the Lord- Revelation 21.5 'Behold, I make all things new. Write these words down, for they are true and faithful.' as well asl every post on her Blog "Blessed..." But none of those things are necessary in order for you to know of her calling and or obedience to that calling...

If you know Joanne... you know her heart is captivated by our Lord Jesus Christ. You know that though certain tasks involving writing cause her discomfort and vulnerability... she finds in the Lord the security and strength necessary to obey Him in the task. I have seen her make the choice to put her feet OUTSIDE the boat as she kept her eyes on the Lord so she could then, in Him, walk on water. And God works through her in each and every writing.

Joanne won't tell you how much she deserves to win this scholarship to the "She Speaks" conference because she knows that in order for you to pick her... you wouldn't be picking one of the other gifted, talented precious women of the Lord that also want to attend that conference BUT I WILL TELL YOU-

Joanne loves Jesus and shares Him in a multitude of ways. She writes clearly and profoundly of the love and mercies of our Father without fear of backlash or criticism. She is a witness of Him to others through her words daily on her blog, in published writings, as well as email, snail mail, and phone calls to those that need support and encouragement. She speaks in church settings and retreats regarding the love and faithfulness of our Lord to mothers and women alike. And most noteworthy is the example she sets for her daughter Meghan, now 16 years old.

Meghan, like her mother is an avid reader and lover of Jesus. She also enjoys writing and sharing the love of the Lord with others. A teenage girl doesn't become a mature, Godly, studious child of the Most High without the example of the same before her. And that example has been her mother. This past year for Christmas, Meghan asked for (and received) a special edition hard bound copy of Gone With The Wind. (I personally have never seen the movie let alone read and or owned a special edition copy of the book.)

I would love for Joanne and her daughter to attend the SHE SPEAKS conference this year. And what better way for her to attend than through the gift of a scholarship from Lysa TerKeurst (an amazingly kind and giving lady associated with Proverbs 31 ministries)

She is fully trusting that the will of the Lord will be done in this situation as am I... only I am asking that you would help me pray for the process. Please pray that the panel that decides would look favorably upon Joanne's entry. Please pray that their hearts would be touched by her obedience to her calling to write despite all obstacles and discomforts that come with the calling. Please pray His will would be audible to the panel regarding which entry to accept and who to bless with the scholarship. And mostly, please pray that whatever the outcome- Joanne would continue in the calling the Lord has given her... to use her words to further His Gospel and Glory.

I only wish I were a better writer to have done justice through this post to my dear friend Joanne. And just so you know- the more I know of this conference the more I know how much I too would like to attend- but I feel like in as much as it is a desire for me... it is absolutely a calling for Joanne.

Thank You for each of your prayers for Joanne regarding this conference scholarship.


Mari said...

I second this! I am so blessed by Joanne and her blog and think it would be awesome for her to go to this. I'll be praying!

Joanne said...

There are no words Chelle.

If someone had told me six months ago that a girl from California could make a dear friend in Pennsylvania without ever once hearing her voice or feeling her hug. I wouldn't of believed it.

But with God all things are possible.

Meghan read this. You received the greatest teenage compliment, "Mom, Chelle is so cool!"

Going to this conference pales in comparison to the gift of friendship I have made in you.

Love, Joanne

Miss Sandy said...

What a sweet and selfless desire you have for your friend to attend this conference, blessings on the ability for both of you to attend!

Fran said...

Joanne is just beautiful! A true woman of God after His heart. What a precious friend she has in you!

Be blessed...and thanks so much for stopping by. Come back! :)


valerie said...

Your children are adorable!
I'm running a little late today and need to be getting ready for work :) but wanted to stop by and introduce myself and say hello.
I was reading Joanne's post to you and thought that was so sweet. I am fairly new to the blogging thing and am enjoying it so much. I have spent a lot of time over the past week or so reading some amazing stories.
I too have "met" some precious sisters and we are encouraging each other. Like Joanne make such special friends w/out hearing their voice or feeling their hug, but yet "feeling" it, is unbelievable.
I'll talk again soon!
Blessings and prayers for you today,