Thursday, February 7, 2008


GirlyMom... over at THE RED DOOR has intrigued me with her latest post. The topic?? What works??? She, like all of us, has found herself frustrated in the purchase of products promising treasure and delivering "bunk." (Is that a word?)

Anyway, she has put a few products on her site she deems tried and true and has asked others to add to the list for the sake of us all.

I LOVE the idea and have been seeking a few items online to add to my list... Here Goes!

My first favorite gets center stage. It's called St. Ives Apricot Cleanser... and in case you can't see the picture... IT'S A PUMP!!! We keep this in the shower and in the past it came in a tub. We'd have to open it, scoop it out and try to close it to prevent water from getting in all the while not losing what we already scooped out in our hand in the meantime. THEN... they made it into a tube. We thought, surely it doesn't get better than this. Just flip the top, squeeze and flip the top again. Until the top snapped off and it all became watered down and unuseable.

And now lookie lookie... a pump. FINALLY- BRILLIANCE! And the product is just plain amazing as well. Husband uses it because his skin is oily (don't tell him I send that) and I use it because the antibiotics make my skin so dry it peels... this exfoliates it back to the smoothness of a baby's bum. :0)

My second favorite is Dove Pro Age Soap. If you haven't tried this soap.. buy a bar this afternoon... and thank me this everning. It is creamy and smooth... leaves no residue (my least favorite is soap that leaves a film or residue... ICK) If you like regular Dove or even Oil of Olay... you'll absolutely fall for Dove Pro Age.

My favorite cleaning product...Mr Clean's Magic Eraser. Now, before anyone emails me regarding the potential dangers of the magic eraser let me assure you I already know. Now- and this is important... if you can't get something off your wall, table, floor, counter, trim in your car, etc... THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED.

Next on my list of must haves... Lysol Sanitizing wipes. They are just like Clorox wipes only cheaper. Uh Huh. I said it... the same thing only cheaper. Who doesn't love that? And they have different scents too. We have one in the kitchen, one in the bathroom and a few hidden around the house (laundry room, diningroom etc) to clean up all the miscelanous, usually kid oriented blunders. If you don't have them or haven't tried them... pick them up when you pick up the soap- and magic erasers.

Lastly, and does this count??? Shutterfly is a must have for all your photo needs. You can upload to their site, order one hour and pick up at Target as well as order a whole host of photo fun like albums, mugs, key chains, calenders etc. I LOVE IT ALL.

And I know this one is completely unnecessary as well already know of it's value.. but I will post it anyway- ANYTHING from here is a MUST HAVE and worth every penny... is it not????

Well, what works for you? Share the goods for us all....


Beth said...

I LOVE Magic Erasers too! What did we ever do before they invented those??

As for the wipes...I love those too but I get the no name brand wipes they carry at Wal-Mart...even cheaper!

girlymom said...

You are awesome! Thanks for the pointers. I will have to try the soap, I am always looking for a good one that isn't all filmy~ does it only come in a bar or do they make it in the liquid? Love magic eraser, you're right what did we ever do without it? I was never a coffee drinker until baby #4 was born~ now it helps me peel my eyes open and keep going during the day~ yeah ok, so I'm hooked!

Thanks for the list~ mind if I link ya?

Mari said...

I love St Ives cleanser too and haven't seen it in the pump yet - I'll be checking that out.

Rebekah said...

I use the Dove soap in a liquid pump in my shower. I love shutterfly and the Magic eraser. I am going to try the Lysol wipes.
Thanks for posting this

Tara said...

I use the Magic Eraser (sparingly) and like it, but it scares the u-know-what out of me because they don't list the ingredients that make it so magical....I think I read that they use formaldehyde....

I'll add Oxi-Clean to this list. I never would have salvaged as many poopy clothes during the past 6 months without Oxi-Clean.

Also, I love White Vinegar for pet stains...

I second (third, fourth?) the Lysol wipes--I love these and have a container in just about every room.

My major recommendation would be store brand just about everything whenever you can get it. :)