Wednesday, March 12, 2008

IV Update...

I just found out today that the 19th will be the last day I will have my IV.

Of course I am elated about the fact that I will once again be without tubes and extensions. I'm excited about the opportunity to SHOWER without a towel wrapped around half my arm. I'm giddy about being able to wash my hair without leaning over the side of the tub so as not to get the IV site soaked.

But with that come I will confess there also comes a bit of anxiety. This IV didn't take everything away like the first one I had in 2006. Muscle twitches remained with this IV which tend to always be my least liked symptom. And within the last week or so I have been hounded with terrible muscle pain. To the point I've considered taking Advil or Aleve and I don't take pain relievers let alone NSAID's.

All this to say- you can keep me in your prayers because as with everything... this next phase will require total submission on my part to His will and trust that He is caring for my every need DESPITE any physical symptoms I may still have.

Before I wrap up this post however I want to praise God for the many things He did throughout the process of this IV.

- I was approved for the IV.
- Insurance covered 90%.
- I was approved for the PICC line. (IV meds are usually given in this situation via a midline which can be placed in an office without ultrasound and radiology... PICC lines are more invasive, expensive and require hospital placement.)
- I was approved for local home health care. (Dr's office is 2+ hours away as is their usual home health care company.)
- I was approved for syringe meds. (vs. bagged IV meds which need mixing, an IV pole, time and are inconvenient.)
- Symptom wise... I haven't struggled to swallow since the IV.
I have had less muscle twitching.
I have had less fatigue overall.
I have had less pain overall.
My glands have been swollen much less.

I have some things left. And I contemplate further treatment several times daily. But what I know is that this time last year I felt as though I couldn't tell if I still had Lyme symptoms or if my "issues" were medicinal side effects so I came off all treatment for 5+ months to find myself get MUCH MUCH worse.

So- I will stay the course. And come the 20th I will revert to oral antibiotics and continue to trust that the Lord will direct my every step regarding my health and more importantly, my soul.

Thanks to all of you for your support throughout this process. I am so grateful.


Mari said...

I'm so happy for you to be done with the IV's. I'll keep praying for you to be done with all the symptoms.

Joanne said...

Still praying for you Chelle. When I read your posts like this it really jolts me into the reality that you are still sick. You sound so great on the phone!

The song you chose to play while I was reading this post, really touched me.

Love, Joanne

Kenzie Stanfield said...


I came here to tell you THANK YOU for your comment about how to be, how to respond, all that good stuff... and the fact that you made me laugh outloud when you said you would make that sucker up (t-shirt) if I would wear it! : ) You are awesome!

Now that I am here I want to tell you how happy I am to see that you will be off all the IV's and back on to oral meds. That's huge. I will definitely pray for you as the transition happens.

Thank you again! You are such a blessing to me.


Beth said...

I'll keep praying for you. It sounds like God has done many good things for you with this round of IV treatment.

Stay positive and keep trusting God!

Rebekah said...

Glad you will be able to take a normal shower. I will remember you in my morning prayer time

Michele said...

Chelle, you just amaze me. You stay so poitive through all of this. I am praying for you!

girlymom said...

So happy to hear that the IV is being removed. I cannot imagine the heartache and struggle you must be going through and still raising a family~ I am in awe!
You will be in my prayers!