Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Oh My... Look at This!
Beetle went and turned 6!!!

To mark the occasion I thought it only fitting to take a trip down memory lane... enjoy.

Beetle... 8#5oz.

Dad and Beet.

Beet holding K-girl for first time.

Mom-Mom and the kids.

Grandpa W and Beet.

Boys and Boba Fett.

Beet Poolside.

Boys and Aunt Beth.

Ahoy Matey!

The Steelers... :0)

Kids after baths.

Me and Beet.

Beet at Kennywood.

Beet's first lost tooth. Beet's 6th B-Day Party.

The Prized Gift... PSP.

It seems hardly possible that Beetle is SIX already.

Seems like yesterday Aunt Beth came to town to spend the day with B-boy while we went to the hospital to be induced with Beet.

Seems like just yesterday I was deprived of all sleep for weeks because Beet wanted to eat constantly (including throughout the night) and B-Boy at the age of 2 didn't understand why I wasn't biting at the bit to finger paint, wrestle, and blow bubbles all the day long like he was...

Seems like just yesterday this amazing little boy, who was nicknamed, "Cyrus the Virus" for a full year of his life was admitted to Hershey Medical Center for emergency surgery to remove 5 inches of his intestines and his appendix. Because what appeared to his Dr. as consistent viruses turned out to be a serious intestinal condition known as " intussusception" (A word I still struggle to pronounce, refuse to spell, and shutter to remember)...

And it seems like just yesterday that this now 6 year old boy was a double blue line on a white stick in which I celebrated with such joy words can not adequately express.



A Stone Gatherer said...

I love that nick name - Beetle - and I love that curly hair! Happy 6th Birthday Beetle!

Mari said...

Another birthday at your house? Another cutie - I love the hair! Happy Birthday Beetle!

Tara said...

He is so adorable!!! He's gonna be a heart-throb.

Happy Birthday, Beetle!

Did I miss where the name Beetle came from?

Oh, and my throat is killing me or I would have answered the phone today because actually? It was NOT on vibrate and I DID hear it ring. And I knew where it was. I know, you are shocked....

Michelle said...

Oh Cyrus!,
He will always be Cyrus to us!

We had a ball at the party, as usual.

Happy B-day!!!!!