Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Spiderman. Friend or FOE!

So- this weekend was a busy one for us. We reinstalled our appliances into a finished kitchen, had the in-laws in town, threw a princess birthday party for 9 little girls, threw a pool party for 30... and lived to tell you all about it. (Though the recovery continues)

Today however, minus the recaps and pictures to prove our survival (and even our enjoyment) I wanted to tell you a little story that happened in the midst of this weekend...

I was with Paul's mom in the Walmart electronics department to help her pick a PSP game for my son's 6th birthday party. Of course everything is on lock down there so you have to ask an associate to assist you in attaining your game so I sought one out.

She was an adorable girl... young, maybe 17. Looked a little like this girl here that I've pictured.

Typical teenage attitude however (or possibly more specifically stated TYPICAL WALMART ATTITUDE)... burdened, inconvenienced... annoyed by my request to purchase something.

I believe her actual words, kind gestures of customer service, included, "What you want?" It's all good. I know what it is to work when you don't want to so I just went right to it.

"Could you please open the case as we would like to buy Spiderman. Friend or Fro.... (clear throat... pause... speedily rephrase) I mean, Friend. Or. Foe!"

Oops... not a good time for an unclear statement was it? Particularly with an already annoyed teenage Walmart employee who has the authority to withhold the very game I need as a present for my ageing child.



Cheryl said...

That is HYSTERICAL! I laughed out loud. How are you doing lately? Long time since we have talked. It has been crazy around here, getting ready for the new addition. I'll give you a call soon!

Mari said...

Oh no - I hate when my mouth does that! You had quite a weekend, can't wait to see pictures of the kitchen!

Beth said...

tee hee hee

Laughing WITH you, not AT you!

utmomof5 said...

Too funny!!! Don't you just love the attitude of most Wal-mart employees? I avoid that place as much as possible!

thanks for the comment on my blog!


Joanne said...

Happy Birthday Caeden! You are such a big boy today. I wish my son Samuel lived closer to you, he would LOVE to play your new Spiderman game with you.

May God bless you on this special birthday, six years old, WOW! God has blessed you with a beautiful family, a loving father and a precious mommy. May you move forward and take the land sweet boy, every single solitary step of it...

Love, A friend of your mommy's in California

Rebekah said...

HaHaHeeHee. Thats a good one