Monday, April 21, 2008

Busy Day... Busy.

First- let me let you know that it wasn't really a busy day. Just productive. And a bit fun might I add.

I started my day with Comcast ringing the bell at 8am. Oh yes my friends. EIGHT! Ouch. I know I scheduled the appointment between the hours of 8-10 but K'mon... do we ever REALLY believe the cable company is going to show in that window of time LET ALONE right at EIGHT? Just checking!!

From there we went to the orthodontist for a little adjustment on B-boys "Beast". Of course when they said there was a slight chance he would get an "ulcer"... I should have known it meant that he was GOING TO GET an ulcer. So- they assure me the adjustment will relieve discomfort and allow B-Boy to wear this $1500 gadget 20 hours a day. Nice.

Then we picked up lunch and hit the park. A favorite park by where K-girl's ballet teacher surprised us by coming out to sit and talk while the wee ones played for a few minutes. (Ended up easily being an hour) K-girl was all excited as she has grown to love Angie. And Angie clearly knows the way to the kids' hearts as she brought with her capri suns and sidewalk chalk. (I tell her all the time to be careful... I don't want my kids thinking she's a better mom than I am :0)

Onto playdate number two. My friend Michelle had a few moms with kids over today so we joined in on the fun. Kids running everywhere... OUTSIDE. Us moms talked together in the quiet and serenity of Michelle's living room. Ahhhhhh, Spring, I love you so.

And now for a few pictures. No- not of the parks, playdates, or orthodontist... not even of the clock when Comcast arrived. Nope. Pictures of what I accomplished since arriving home from this eventful day.
Here's the before.

A wretched bush at the foot of my steps has annoyed me for years. It is in my flower bed so I have made due with it... but recently asked my husband what it would take to remove it. I'm fairly sure his response involved, "Initiative and or desire" on his part as the bush doesn't please nor bother him.... It does however BOTHER me and if initiative is what will get it out... I can muster a bit of that up. And that I did.

I'm pleased to report- it did indeed come up. And it wasn't nearly as painful a process as I thought it would be. (Praise the Lord.)

Here's the after-

Tomorrow it will be tilled and fed and glorious plants will be added. Tiger Lillie's maybe. Tulips. Gerbera Daisies. Maybe one of those in front of Sedum which will give me seasonal bloom...

Hmmmm- how excited am I to have to figure this out????

Oh Spring... I love you so!!!


Mari said...

It looks great! That work was well worth it and when there are flowers there it will be better! I know you will enjoy looking at that area, just knowing what you did to make it look so good!

Beth said...

Wow! You were busy today. And it looks great without the bush. Can't wait to see pictures of whatever you decide to plant!

Beth said...

Wow! You were busy today. And it looks great without the bush. Can't wait to see pictures of whatever you decide to plant!

kherissa said...

It looks great! I'm doing the same thing tomorrow on my glorious vacation week!

Rebekah said...

You go girl! Ah yesss, Spring I love you so

Joanne said...

Your dirt looks just wonderful! Oh, how I would give for some crumbly black dirt. Ours is hard red, rocky clay....

girlymom said...

Busy busy girl! It looks great though. I need to go out and tackle a ton of projects too! Maybe tomorrow.