Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I Got Nothin'

Why will I never have a successful, busy, often visited, always commented blog? Because...

It's unfortunate yes. But it's true. I wake up in the morning. Hoping to add something witty, hilarious, short on my site.... but nothing comes to me.

Apparently I lack blogable moments. Apparently I'm incapable of turning the little moments into funny notable themes. Ahhhh... dry humor- where for art thou??

I remain committed to you 6 however. I will still post how I have nothing to post over not posting anything at all. And I will pray for the funny, silly, blogable moments of my life to find their way here- to you.

But until then....



Rebekah said...

Thats what cameras are for.

Mari said...

You are funny! You got quite a bit, maybe not today but you still made something out of nothin'!
Love you and your blog!

Joanne said...

Even Nuthin is a pleasure to read on your blog Chelle.

You have the gift of gab and will come up with something no doubt soon. I don't know why you are so hard on yourself. You came up with something yesterday.

Love, me

Jess said...

I ALWAYS feel like that!
Try bloggin' when you don't even have a hubby or children to share about!! :)
You've still got an awesome blog. Don't fool yourself.


Colored With Memories said...

Well, I've read your blog for months now and always love what you have to say...just never comment!

Here's to delurking!


A Stone Gatherer said...

Me too, Me too! I've had a dry week. So much so my sister just called me to make sure I was O.K. She is the only one that keeps up on my blog and she hasn't seen anything from me since wednesday and got worried! Well at least there's one that cares right!

girlymom said...

Hey...I'm number 7!
I think it is the time of year, everyone is getting outside more, busy with end of the schoolyear stuff, it's graduation's and wedding time. I know I have been swamped and trying to get online AND keep up with everyone. I love visiting your blog!

Vic said...

You have lots! I enjoy coming to your blog and noticing the little changes! Sometimes it's better to have nothing than too much.

Thanks for sharing your story and there are more than 6 faithful readers :)