Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I Had A Dream...

*This was an email sent to my friend Joanne this morning that I thought funny enough to share here... enjoy

OK- so you're thinking Martin Luther King right? Not quite... but I still had a dream.

And you were in it.

I dreamt that (my) Paul and I (clearly) were building a house... with an office and much space-how great, and that for some reason I found myself in CA during the process so I hailed a cab to your address without calling you. (How rude huh?)

I arrived to find you had a full house. People everywhere. You were quite possibly hosting a wedding but, my dreams are much to difficult for even me to follow so- your guess as this point is as good as mine.

I dreamt that as I walked in and looked for you up a huge spiral staircase, excited to tell you that we were building a house AND excited to surprise you with my arrival, that you were less than ecstatic at my presence. Really- all that travelling I had to do in my dreams and you couldn't jump for joy or extend a welcome hug! Hmpf!!

You were busy. Clearly entertaining the multitudes. And I was rude to show up unannounced. But in all fairness- I can not predetermine where my dreams will take me...or when.

We sat in your kitchen and I told you we were building a house and then I noticed your kitchen had been remodeled. Which is EXTREMELY perceptive of me as I've never been to your house before to see the old version of your kitchen.

You got up to show me the hidden closet and the "Martha Stewart" secret shelves and storage capabilities... AND the closet doors that were reversible. Exciting moment in the dream... I kid you not.

And then you were off and about because wedding pictures were being taken in your backyard.

I keep telling myself, now that I am awake, that it was just a dream. I know it was because I can hardly believe that I would travel all the way to California to see a friend and not get so much as a hug and/or share a prayer.

Yup. It was just a dream. Which is partly unfortunate because the house we were building... was AWESOME!


Rebekah said...

that is so funny. dreams are weird

Mari said...

That is funny! I have dreams like that sometimes too. I'm a little upset with Joanne that she didn't include me in the dream. :(

Joanne said...

Oh sure, just go and share my bad manners with the whole world! I will be praying that you have a dream tonight that shows my kind heart and gift of hospitality...tee hee hee!