Sunday, April 13, 2008

A pool, Italian food, and Church with a friend....

I had the best day yesterday. Really. And I am going to tell you all about it. Because this is my blog... and I can.


I work at a pool. Have I told you that before? Overseeing a swim program, lifeguards, water aerobics, birthday parties, open swim... etc. I have a mom and tot class 9:30 every Saturday morning. Yesterday my dear friend Kherissa, and her 8 month old daughter Kamryn, (who you've seen HERE) made me smile when they arrived at my Mom and Tot swim class.

Kamryn was a hero in the water and so cute in her little Gymboree suit. (Pictures to follow)

Kherissa, Kamryn and I also met for lunch/dinner at an Italian restaurant that would make Italy natives salivate... Mmmmmmmm Mmmmmmm Goooooooood! (Thanks Luciano's for an amazing dinner... and Kherissa for picking the restaraunt.)

And the highlight of my day- church with a friend. (In the event you weren't aware of how much I love attending churh with friends... read this post.) We attended the 6pm service at her church. The worship was wonderful, the pastor- spririt led, and the congregation- filled with the LOVE of Jesus. But better than any of that was sitting next to a friend who purposed in her heart and schedule to attend service weekly to seek and find the Lord. (Oh- and Kherissa- I've changed my playlist to include My Saviour My God... as sung by your worship team!)

Let me say to you all that if you do not have in your life, someone new to the journey of knowing the person of Jesus... you should pray the Lord would bring someone into your life not only for their benefit... BUT FOR YOURS.

Kherissa is a gift to me. Her excitement and joy as she reads segments of the Bible for the first time... as she hears the band at service worship, as she receives devotionals via email... is CONTAGIOUS. What a refreshing perspective of the God we serve... of the joy that should radiate from us all.

I don't think she would mind me telling you this- months ago she and I were talking in Starbucks and she mentioned her faithfulness to read my blog. She then said that she wanted to start reading the Bible. My heart smiled. I cautioned her on starting from the beginning. I made that mistake. Picking up a Bible and going as long as I could go before the begats and lineages beat me down. :0) I wanted to save her from that so I told her... "start in the New Testament. John would be great. It details Jesus, his life, death and resurrection as well as those that believed in and followed Him. John can be found a little to the right of the middle of the Bible." To which she replied, "Um, you don't have to worry about me starting at the wrong place... I don't even HAVE a Bible."

Seriously? How sweet is that? And yet- how sad that I am the kind of person that has multiple bibles... and on a good day, reads from ONE of them. (My friend Michelle says that I have Bibles like some people have purses... one to go with each outfit.) Funny- and yet convicting.

Well, I knew that I needed to do something about that. But waited far too long. Until a recent conversation led to Kherissa telling me, "My husband is giggling at me because I am reading from a Precious Moment's Story Bible every night, but I tell him that I need to be reading a little each day and fortunately, I UNDERSTAND the words in this Bible."

Her zeal is admirable is it not???

I bought the cutest, most amazing little Bible for her. And I had her name embossed on the front of it. The good news- she was as excited about her new Bible as I was excited about dinner at Luciano's. The bad news- I was as excited about dinner at Luciano's as she was about her new Bible. Hmmmm.... Here's a pic of the Bible I bought... cute right?

Anyway, I had a blast yesterday with Kherissa and Kamryn. I am grateful that God has given me a friend in Kherissa as her excitement and joy for each new thing she learns of God has been contagious... and well, baby Kamryn fills any and every need I'll ever have to be involved in the infant stage again. :0)

Thanks for sharing my day.... I told you it was the best.


Mari said...

That is a cute Bible! And you are so right - I too have many Bibles and need to work at reading one! Very convicting. I'm so glad you had a great day and even gladder that she is growing in her faith.
PS - I'm heading over to the LPM blog - that's a great post.

Rebekah said...

What a sweet testiment. You're a great friend

kherissa said...

Thanks so much! I had soo much fun too I'm been raving about it for days!! We have to do it again very soon!!