Saturday, May 24, 2008

Thoughts provoked by Greys...

Had a few discussions this week. I will be forthright now and tell you all... I watch and enjoy Greys' Anatomy. I've watched since it began and with the exception of most of one season (when I was down and out with Lyme and made a decision not to watch any TV) I haven't missed an episode. Furthermore- I'm almost certain I've since seen every episode at least once.

That being said, a conversation developed when a dear friend called me three weeks ago mid episode to say, "You're still watching that? I've already turned it off and deleted the series recording."

I probably don't have to tell you that it was right after Addison asked Callie if she and Erica were "an item" (though I think she used the L word... which I don't want to type here because I don't want to come up on any kind of search with that word in it...) Anyway, being the incredibly smart friend that she is... she knew that there was a major story line brewing that she not only disagreed with but also refused to watch and wanted to see if I'd abandoned the show as well.

I didn't.

By the way- she isn't the only one to mention that the show is now "dead" to her because of that story line.

Here's where I share a few thoughts...

I will freely admit to it being trash. I think if you watch -you know it's trash too. My thought on this however... is that it has always been trash. It has always had premarital sex, swearing, taking the Lord's name in vain, immoral sexual activity, unprofessional conduct, lack of ethics... ETC.

So tell me why, WHY, when the new storyline includes a same s*x relationship people find themselves disheveled... annoyed... disturbed?!!

Is it because they don't think those relationships exist? Hardly. Is it because they don't want those relationships glorified? Possibly. Or is it because they elevate that "sin" above other sins and consider it a deal breaker??? Yeah- I thought so.

Despite the fact that God doesn't consider one sin better or worse than another... that He considers THINKING about an affair the same as HAVING an affair... that sin is sin and all covered under the blood of Jesus... well- despite all that- we assess people's behaviour and decide what is acceptable and what is not. And some have found in the last three weeks, that this storyline is an unacceptable sin and a deal breaker.

I don't think that's right.

Let me be clear. I'm all for morality and conviction. I'm all for true, right, noble pure, excellent praiseworthy thoughts... I'm all for limiting if not entirely removing ungodly influences to our hearts and minds. And I don't rationalize the viewing of this, or any other show that has offensive or morally corrupt material in it... everyone makes their own decisions- thus our continual walks with the Lord.

What I do not think is right is when we outright acknowledge one sin to be a dealbreaker. Watch the show, don't watch the show... makes not difference to me. But don't tell me you refuse to further watch the show, or be friends with someone, or eat dinner at a restaurant, or buy gas somewhere because of a personal decision someone else is making or may have already made to participate in something that YOU VIEW AS THE SIN. Because, just so you know,

WE ARE ALL SINNERS!!! And much of what we do is sin.

Which is why we are keep short accounts with the Lord. And submit to Him so He can make us more like Him. So that we do make good choices... and He is glorified in our hearts and lives.

Again, this is less about Greys and more about the principle of the matter. We choose to elevate certain sins above others... we become judgemental, we eliminate people or situations from our circle of influence based on current or past decisions on their part to participate in "deal breaker" sins.

What in the world???

Clearly I've been thinking on this a little... and it has become a bit of a soap box for me. Whether someone watches or doesn't watch Greys' is not going to hurt another... but if we apply this same principle to people in our lives... IS GOD'S LOVE VISIBLE? Or do people see in us conditional love, judgement and even hypocrisy.

We can not say that we love others as Christ loves us when we are turning from them because they've made us uncomfortable. Or because we think they are blatantly wrong. And please allow me to extend this to drugs, alcohol, smoking, etc. People consistently feel judged by Christians... how is that showing the Love of Christ???

Isn't there a way we can befriend others without judging them and making them feel as though we are Bible Thumpers that are black and white and think they are bad people because of the things they DO!!!

It actually pains my heart that any of this could apply relationally to those that are not exactly like us and are just looking to relate to us in any way possible... are they instead finding a critical and judgemental person incapable of seeing another as God sees them?

By the way- I am not saying we are to encourage or condone sin. I am say we should in no way discard people because of those sins. What's the line that goes around... Love the Sinner, Hate the Sin?! And yet, many a Christian discard people because of their actions... Jesus NEVER did that. Who are we that we would do to others what not even Jesus did?

Just wondering. Comment below...


Mari said...

I agree with you Chelle'. I think we are far to quick to rank sins, however a sin is a sin in Gods eyes. Therefore the coveting or gossiping that I do makes me no better than a murderer or whatever else the sin may be. I don't watch this show, but I watch others that certainly are not building me or anyone else up. Also - the Bible says not to judge and I know that's another one I fail at, as do those who are judging those who watch this show.
This is a really good post and it's thought provoking. Thanks.

Rebekah said...

I totally agree. I have never watched Grey's Anatomy, I did watch friends- and they were loaded down with all kinds of sin.

Years ago, Tv shows were not permitted to show "married" couples "sleeping" in the same bed. Now look at what we are subjected too.

People who had affairs or pre-marital activities used to be shunned. Now its almost like it's no big deal. It's sad to say that society (Christians) will become desynthesized with other things as well.

But no matter the sin, we are still to love them as Christ love's them. None of us are without sin, and have no right to judge or compare one sin/ sinner to another

kelli said...

Great blog Chelle! I do watch Grey's as well and I could not agree more with you....for ALL have sinned and fall short of the Glory of God! Romans 3:23

A Stone Gatherer said...

You hit the nail on the head, and boy my head hurts!!! You are so right one sin is not better or worse then the other! In God's eyes it's all keeping us from him! We have to be so careful of that log in our eyes while we examine the speck in our friends eyes!
Very thought provoking!

Joanne said...

Paul and I were just talking about this last week when gay marriage was approved by our wonderful state supreme court in California.

I just LOVE judicial activism.

Our state voted down gay marriage twice in the past ten years. I guess the voice of millions doesn't matter...sorry getting off my soapbox now.

I am not a pure TV watcher. Though we don't rent rated R movies unless they are that way due to historical violence like the civil war etc. The bad thing that shows like desperate housewives and almost every other prime time show have done is desensitize us to sin. Me included.

Being angry about watching a gay couple kiss on TV while then changing the channel to watch couples have adulterous sex in supply closets and not be as disgusted is a red flag. And many red flags have been flown in my presence! I fail quite often but am trying to remind myself that no sin is greater.



I am here at Starbucks while Paul meets with a client. Was working in our yard moving rocks and tanbark all day long. I work tonight and tomorrow so I hope to talk to you via real voice next week. Thursday Grandma is coming into town and Thursday night we are all going to my neices graduations, Friday we are getting ready for our family reunion being held at our home on Saturday...WHEW! Pray for me, next week we are going to the couples retreat that we are heading up. I am starting to feel numb with my responsibilites friend.

Your message on my machine last night made me smile. I am enjoying your park time vicariously through you!

Love, Joanne