Tuesday, June 10, 2008

"You have not because you blog not..."

James 4.2

Really! That's what it says.

You have not because you blog not!!!

And I believe it. Because after all... it is the inspired Word of God right??

So, maybe that's not exactly what it says... but it is what it means- sort of.

I don't know how people like Melanie, Sophie, and Shannon do it. Acquire readership that is. Sophie has a gazillion people reading her blog. I am one of them. She is funny. Really very funny. Always mentioning her "Diet Cokes and Cheetos... ya'll"!

I lie if I act like I don't know how they acquire and maintain readership. It seems fairly simple actually. THEY POST ON THEIR BLOGS!!! (Sophie actually posts on her "blawg") They are consistent. Timely. Funny.

They do what they have to despite the time of day, weather, familial obligation, exhaustion... to get their post written.

I wish I could do all that. Most of the time when not blogging I am running around from park to pool to ice cream truck with three sweaty, wet, ice cream covered children. And the joy- well you can see it from miles away. (You can tell they are happy too if you look at them. )

I'm not sure how to keep everything a float. So- while I know it would be great if I could indeed post daily- particularly about things most important to me like what I am reading regarding Jonah, the Ninevites and God's relenting in the destruction He'd threatened... I know it's not only improbable that I would post daily... it's impossible.

Until my next post- which hopefully details my thoughts on just what the Lord SAW that made Him relent in the destruction of Ninevah...


Colored With Memories said...

They aquire all those great readers with Blogroll love! My blog is tiny, but I'm about to update my blogroll...can I list you?

Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

Those three are awesome...I think everyone reads them. But I try not to compare myself to them because I believe for them blogging is a job. (I am assuming they make lots of revenue from their blog ads.)

Sounds like you and your kids are haivng a great summer!

Rebekah said...

Some days I have lots to blog about. Other days I have lots of life to live. There are times I wish I had tons of readers and comments- but if I had tons of comments I would feel obligated to respond and/or read their blogs too. I enjoy my group of blogging friends and getting to know them and their families. I wouldn't be able to do that if I had to keep up on so many blogs.

Lets hear about your thoughts on Ninevah.

Mari said...

I'm pretty sure I couldn't handle the pressure of that many readers and comments! I would feel like I needed to visit all those blogs and I'm too busy for that!
You do have a group of readers though and now you'll have to post about Ninevah!

Nancy said...

I don't blog daily either so have only a few that comment. I have never kept a journal and this is my first experience with putting thoughts into words, & find it fun to meet so many nice ladies. I read more blogs than write on mine. Its all new and fun.