Friday, September 5, 2008

So much to say... so little time.

Is anyone else ecstatic?

Anyone else experiencing a huge influx in excitement for the upcoming election?

I have to be honest and tell you all that before McCain announced Sarah Palin as his running mate I really could not have cared less for the impending election. I was lukewarm to say the least. I felt like I was voting for the lesser of two ICK's.

But that changed last week when McCain announce the Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, as his selection for the next Vice President of America.

Oooohhhhh. A fire was lit under my bottom. I was energized and mobilized. The joy returned and the excitement exuded from within.

With 15000 onlookers, Ohio supporters bore witness as McCain ignited and UNITED a party. A cause. A people. And more specifically... ME!

I like her. I like what she stands for. (Pro-life, pro-drilling, reduce superflous spending, limit government ammenities, )I like that her time as mayor and governor validates her claims as to the type of leader she is and will be when in office. (The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior) I like that she makes decisions and executes them based upon what is best for the population in which she governs. (refuses an unnecessary bridge, sells the jet, returns tax dollars to the people) I like that she is realistic but hopeful. And I like that were she not to have been selected to be McCain's running mate last week she would still be plugging away at what is best for the state of Alaska.

I try not to think about the media which continues to HARRASS her with questions and statements like,

"Can and should you run for VP when you are the mother of 5 children?"
"How are you going to care for your family in the magnitude in which they require if you take the VP job?"

" How can you care for and protect our nation when you can't even keep track of your five children and one turns up pregnant?" "Take a DNA test and prove that baby is yours and not your daughters." (Uhhh WHAT?)

"You're too young"

"You don't have enough experience."

"You have questionable associates"
"You're a woman"

"You're white"

"You're a hunter"

"You're a hockey mom".....


And yes... I got a little stupid at the end..... but K'mon... is the media kidding me?

Had even ONE of these questions been raised to Obama from the drive by's just maybe I would have a tolerance for the insanity of it all- but for Pete's sake, He hasn't so much had to answer for (in the 18 months he's been running) his dealings with a terrorist (William Ayers), how he would handle being PRESIDENT (not even vice president) while tending to his young daughters, where his executive experience is, or HOW he is going to bring about CHANGE (what change actually means and what his platform really consists of).

I know there are many questions that Palin will have to answer. And she has choosen that for herself when she accepted the nomination. But at no point should her children be involved. The media needs to step away. Palin is fair game. (And I for one firmly believe she can take on the media, answer any and all questions, and do so effectively and eloquently) ... but the kids, they are not up for grabs and should never be used as a bargaining chip in an election.

I hope you are excited about the election as well. I feel like I could say so much more about it. Actually, I can. And I most certainly will... while there's still a little time. Before we all know it... November will be upon us and the fate of our Nation over the next 4 years will rest in the votes of the many individuals of this great country.

God Bless America!!!


Life As A Newlywed said...

Thanks for the comment :)

I think his Daddy must've been the pastor, so cute!

And I too love love love Sarah Palin!

Mari said...

First I have to say that I am so happy to hear from you again and hope all is well with you.
Second - I hear you! I too was really lukewarm about this election and now am so excited about Sarah Palin. The more I hear about her, the more I like her!

Nancy said...

Good to see your post, Sarah has put a fire under many and I to feel so much better about this up coming election. God sure knows what to do to get his people fired up!!! New hope for this country after all. She is an awesome example & to heck with the media!!!

A Stone Gatherer said...

Hey there! Glad your back!!! I'm a fan of Sarah's too! She rocked the house last week!

Rebekah said...

Right On Sistah. I totally agree. Now I wouldn't vote for Sarah just because she is a woman. But I will vote for her because of what she stands for, her honesty and integrity.

The Media is going to end up shutting themselves down. I think American people are finally getting sick and tired of their liberal opinions.

Michele said...

I agree! Glad you are back.

Joanne said...

GIRLFRIEND! I got a sweet little letter in the mail from a dear girl in Pennsylvania.

You made my day Chelle. I am working a graveyard shift tomorrow and will bring some paper to write you back. Things should slow down as soon as September is over. I am still working on my book proposal. Football and soccer has started around here, whew!

How are you doing? How are you feeling? Did you get your stuff back that they removed from your computer?

Fill me in!

Love you! Joanne